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零Wiki (Zero Wiki) is a wikipedia system set up for everything and anything that is related to the 零/Fatal Frame/Project Zero Series. It's an offshoot of the Fatal Frame Fansite, Beyond the Camera's Lens, and was started on March 16th 2007.

The main goal of both BCL and 零Wiki is to share any and all information about the game series and the people responsible for its creation with fans from around the world.

Please do not copy and paste information / pictures covered within this wiki to other fansites, game walkthroughs (unless you are the original author of the walkthrough), wiki sites or without proper credit/linkage to this wiki or BCL! A lot of people worked hard and spent a lot of time compiling the information within this wiki! Please respect that!

When contributing ingame text and files, we ask that contributors do NOT directly copy and paste material from other walkthroughs etc but compile the information themselves while playing the games.