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Zero 4D

Japanese 零4D or 4D零
Runtime 7-9 minutes
Genre 3D interactive movie
Released July 17th 2004 (Premiered: July 15th 2004)
Other Storyline: Based on Fatal Frame II

Price: 600 yen ($6.82)
(You can now buy tickets for 500 yen($5.68))
Screen size: W1333 X H1000
Occupancy: 12 people

Zero 4D was a 3D attraction based on Zero: Akai Chou (Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly). It was created by VSL Laboratory, the same CGI animation company that worked on other promotional material for the game. It featured some of the same scenes as the official trailer and Crimson Report.

Guests to the attraction were given 3D glasses and sit in specially designed chairs that interact with the movie (similar to Terminator 3D or Honey I Shrunk the Audience). Guests follow Mio and Mayu through All God's Village, on a 7-9 minute journey/summary of the entire game. A reporter who was at the premier of Zero 4D commented that people who had played the game would really enjoy the attraction, and people who hadn't would still know what was going on and wouldn't be left in the dark.

Zero 4D was first shown on July 15th at a special premier party that Tecmo hosted showing both Zero 4D and Real Zero: Another Edition. Keisuke Kikuchi was there, announcing both new additions to the Fatal Frame series. He also spoke about wanting to make the Fatal Frame series one of the most fearful game series in the world. Kikuchi-san also told a eager audience to expect more Zero-related projects in the future. Tecmo had the help of Visual Science Laboratory, Inc. with the creation of the CGI thrill attraction and Yamashita-san and Kitajima-san of VSL also spoke, showing great confidence in the Zero 4D attraction.


Mio and Mayu sit by the shore of a lake at sunset, similar to scenes shown in promotional artwork. Mio suggests they return home, but instead they find themselves in a ruined village at night. A crowd of villagers carrying torches chases them into an old house. Mio falls through some rotten floorboards, and while she struggles to free herself, Mayu becomes entranced by a crimson butterfly and wanders away.

Mio explores the house, terrorised by various ghosts (Akane Kiryu and the Twin Doll, Chitose Tachibana, and Sae Kurosawa). She manages to escape, and looks up to see a swarm of crimson butterflies, all flying towards a house on the other side of a bridge. Mio guesses they are all heading towards the same place as Mayu, and follows, arriving in time to see all the butterflies flying down into a deep well in the grounds. While she peers over the edge, two Mourners appear behind her and throw her in.

She wakes up in the Hellish Abyss, surrounded by Veiled Priests beating their staffs on the ground. Mayu says she has been waiting "in a dark, dark place". Mio runs to her sister and embraces her, reiterating their promise to stay together, but the Kusabi appears behind her. As it approaches, Mayu pushes Mio away. Two Mourners take her arms and legs and fling her alive into the Abyss.

A few moments later, a crimson butterfly rises into the air, and Mayu's voice is heard, saying, "Goodbye." Mio watches the butterfly flutter away, but something moves behind her. The movie ends just as she realises the Kusabi is still there.


As of July 4th, 2006 Zero 4D has closed in the Joypolis themepark in Osaka.
Fans visiting the parks are cautioned that the attraction may no longer be active.

  • Tokyo - Toshimaen Park - CLOSED
  • Osaka - Joypolis Underword - CLOSED
  • Wakayama - Porto Europa - CLOSED
  • Tokyo - Palette Town (in Odaiba) in the arcade under the Ferris Wheel - unknown


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