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"It is mere hypothesis, but I will attempt to interpret these lyrics."

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Yuu's Notes 5

Japanese 優雨の調査報告 五
Author Yuu Asou/Kei Amakura
Source Zero Shisei no Koe Complete Official Capture Book
Page 270-271
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Searching for the House of Sleep

Mr. Yuu Asou's research so far - and further still Mr. Akito Kashiwagi's notebooks and documents, Kaname Ototsuki's audio records, Dr. Kunihiko Asou's research, and occult magazines described within it - seems to assert the possibility of the "House of Sleep", the haunted mansion supposedly in the north-east, being part of the Kuze Shrine as being quite high.

Naturally, there may have been others like Dr. Asou who were dealing with the issues of supernatural phenomena, but it originated with Akito Kashiwagi at a time when folklorists' research - or the present-day fields of ethnology and cultural anthropology - made absolutely no real reference to the House of Sleep. Despite having commonalities with real - if quite peculiar - customs, they have been overlooked until now, perhaps due to being taken as some kind of thoughtless words. Certainly, it seems a very extraordinary thing that even from a scientific viewpoint it has not been described in a pathological manner, and that it is tied to traditions from a certain area.

However, the House of Sleep that so many people have seen in the Dream Disease actually exists. By bringing together the experiences of the dream that I, Kei Amakura, had, with experiences and data from other testimony, there are very many similarities with the tragic events that occurred at that manor.

Dr. Asou's Research

I have obtained two items that resulted from Dr. Asou's research. Those are the "Camera Obscura", a camera that can show the Other World, as the "Spirit Stone Radio", a crystal radio that can receive sound waves from the Other World.

These things were in the possession of the late Yuu Asou, a descendant of Dr. Asou, and had important implications with regards to this study of the Dream Disease and House of Sleep that I myself experienced.

The Camera Obscura is currently broken and will not work, but there was in fact some film left inside it, containing images related to the House of Sleep seen within the dream, through which it was possible to obtain clues about other people who had become trapped in the Dream Disease and the House of Sleep.

Also, the Spirit Stone Radio was designed with the concept of allowing a person to listen to voices from the Other World, and this special crystal radio uses an earring, which seems to have been left by Kaname Ototsuki, the man previously mentioned in data regarding Dr. Asou's research, to detect strange sounds. This actually had no small influence on us as we wandered around inside the dream.

According to Dr. Asou's audio records of Kaname Ototsuki, he could hear the voice of Reika - the priestess, and his lover - in his dreams, and could see her dreams. Perhaps this earring was shown to him.

Those Who Keep Dreaming

After awakening from the House of Sleep dream, I began to take another look over records of a strange illness known as the "dream disease" and the "House of Sleep", which was being reported in various areas.

The words of the patients recorded therein exactly match up with my own memories and dreams.

The testimony that the dreams began with the death of someone close to them, then becoming trapped within a Japanese house in the dream, keeps appearing, then they gradually succumb to sleep and finally vanish.

What allowed several people, including me, to escape from this dream was two tools I had obtained, the fruits of the aforementioned research of Dr. Asou into the "other world", and the people I met with by coincidence who were experiencing the same symptoms.

It appears as though within the dream, we set Reika's feelings free and by this brought an end to the tragedy of the Kuze family. Even still, there is no guarantee whatsoever that a similar outbreak of the disease will not occur in the future.

Meaning of "The Sleeping Priestess"

In my possession I currently have an audio tape that seems to have been recorded in the days of The Sleeping Priestess, which was discovered in a gramophone in the laboratory of a certain university. Its third verse is as follows.

The Sleeping Priestess, verse three?
Go to the other side
Go to the other side
Cast the boat, take a ride, cross the rift to the other side
Further and further to the other side
It must sail bearing your tattoos and our offering of tears

In documents of Mr. Akito Kashiwagi that were not officially published, he analysed this final verse as follows:

"The priestess, bearing the marks engraved into her, is "sent" into the Horizon.
The line "it must sail bearing your tattoos and our offering of tears" - the tattoos being the "bib" referred to in the first verse - are passed on and tears are "offered up". This seems to refer to the tribute to the departing person or the final goodbye performed in this region.
It appears as though this final verse is sung when the priestess engraved with the markings is "sent to the other shore"."
(Excerpt from his notebook, which appears to be the original draft of "Song and Legend".)

At first, I thought that this verse represented the final part of the ritual, which had been building up since verse two. However, in the real ritual the priestess would already have been impaled, and I would think of her being "sent to the other shore" as part of the ritual.

Due to this, I interpret this song as dealing with the effects of the Unleashing after it has occurred. In other words, it seems as though you can interpret it as being about calming the priestess who awakens after being tattooed.

The way the dreams ended for me and other people conformed exactly with this song.

Continuing the Research

Perhaps this research report will be treated as a load of occult nonsense of questionable merit. However, even if it is, if it can remain in some form then maybe it will be of help if people ever begin to be sucked into that dream again.

I intend to pursue this case in the future, and to report on it with greater accuracy.

Finally, I would like to extend my gratitude to my late friend, Yuu Asou, for finding a number of valuable documents.

I will end this research report for the time being, and pray for his soul in the other life.

"Song and Legend" - Akito Kashiwagi
"Folklore Anthology 7 - Tamashizume" - Author: Seijiro Makabe, Editor: Ryozo Munakata
"The "Spirit World""
"The Camera Obscura"

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