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You're a part of the wiki!

When you first see a Wiki, it doesn't seem like it could possibly work. If anybody can come along and change things, then how can the information be trusted? Doesn't it just get vandalized, trolled and everything that is decent and innocent thrown into the Hellish Abyss?

Once you start participating, you see that that "weakness" is actually a Wiki's greatest strength. Sure, anybody can add anything -- and then everybody else gets to proofread it, and fix mistakes. Information that looks suspicious can be verified. Vandalism is almost always fixed within minutes. It's possible for someone to post errors, or nonsense -- but over time, the best wins out.

Admins on 零Wiki also make sure that certain more 'high risk' pages are temporarily blocked and protected from editting. It's not that some of us here at 零Wiki don't believe that the Himuro Mansion exists, we just want all the best information out there for everyone. Certainly not random rumors about your cousin's uncle's sister accidently venturing into the place on her honeymoon to Japan. ~_^

Create a user name

Log in and create a user name -- it helps you (and everybody) keep track of your contributions, and it makes it possible to communicate with other contributors.

You're also invited to post your name on your user page -- either your full name, or just a first name and an initial. It's not required, but it helps everyone get to know you and trust you.

Neutral Point of View

Articles on 零Wiki should be written from a neutral point of view (NPOV), representing all views fairly and without bias. Post facts, not opinions or observations. If you write about an issue that fans disagree about, describe the debate without taking sides. Avoid "Weasel Words" like "Many fans think x," which is usually just a way of attributing your own opinions to other people. For more discussion, see Wikipedia's article on NPOV.


For unreleased games and information, special message templates should be used concerning spoilers. Read the 零Wiki: Spoiler FAQ for more information.

零Wiki Markup

Haven't really used a Wiki before? Or unsure of what type of code to use? How do I link to an article, how do I make lists, how do make words bold or italized? Check out the 零Wiki markup page for tips on how to improve your articles with these tips and more.

Show your sources


Like BCL, we at 零Wiki want to make sure any and every source is verified and factual here. We certainly don't want to mislead fans with information provided and if other fans want to verify your information, they should be able to. Cite file names, tapes, dates, games, locations etc wherever possible, and give sources for quotes. If you find information in a book or on a website, tell us the title or the URL. If you're mentioning a specific book, try to include the page number if at all possible! If you feel that putting this information in the article itself seems a bit awkward, make a references section at the bottom. It's especially important to source behind the scenes information; we don't want to spread unfounded rumors.

If you feel an article needs to be addressed or cited properly, use the 'talk page' function to address the issue.

Talk pages

Sign talk posts with four tildes ~~~~ which automatically adds your user name and a date stamp. When you reply on a talk page, put a colon (:) at the front of your post to indent it.

When you post a question on an article's talk page, you can list it in Active Talk Pages by adding a talk box. Just add this template to the top of the article page: {{talk}} -- that'll automatically add a box pointing people to your question, and it'll list you on the Active Talk Pages. You can browse through that list to find other ongoing discussions.

See How to use Talk pages for more details.

Fancy signatures

Here's how to make a fancy signature for your talk posts:

Click on the "preferences" tab at the top right of your screen.

On the Preferences page, put this in the Nickname box, with your User name and real first name plugged in:

— [[User:Username|Firstname]] ([[User talk:Username|<font size="1">talk</font>]])

Then check the "Raw signatures" box underneath, and hit the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

Then, when you sign your talk posts, you just have to type the four tildes, and the new signature will appear. You can tweak that code in a bunch of different ways; feel free to play around with it!

Links within Articles

Please link to mentioned characters and locations whenever possible in your article. You only need to link to a character or location the first time it's mentioned. :)

How to upload pictures

Click on "Upload file" on the left navigation bar to upload pictures. You can add your image to any page using this code:

[[Image:yourpicture.jpg|thumb|300px|Caption for your picture.]]

Images should not exceed 300 pixels wide for article tidyness and copyright adherence.

If you upload an image in error, or do not intend to use it, tag the article with {{delete}} so that an administrator can remove the file from the wiki. Images are subject for deletion if they are not used.

How to add category tags

You can put an article into a category by adding this code: [[Category:YourCategory]] . You can change the way the article is alphabetized within the category like this: [[Category:Fatal Frame II|Locations]].

Before you create a category, check the Category list to see if there's a similar category that already exists. If the category doesn't exist yet, then adding that code will create the category. You'll need to add some text to the new category page to make it work properly.

External links

You can add links to other websites by putting one bracket around the site's address, like this: []. That'll look like this: [1].

You can add a description to the link by adding a space before the description, like this: [ Official Fatal Frame Website]. That comes out like this: Official Fatal Frame.

History tab

Nothing is ever lost on a wiki! You can see all of the changes that have been made to a page -- and who made them -- by clicking on the "History" tab at the top of any page.

Setting your preferences

There's a lot of useful stuff on your Preferences page.

You can change your display so that links show up without the underlining. You can also change your time zone, and the number of items you see on the Recent Changes page or the Category list.

Keyboard shortcuts

There's some helpful shortcuts to navigate around within a page.

Alt-T : Talk
Alt-E : Edit
Alt-H : History
Alt-R : Recent Changes

Dealing with vandalism

Vandalism isn't much of a problem on a wiki, because everybody has the power to fix it when they see it. See the Vandalism help page for instructions on how to fix vandalized pages, and how to discourage the vandals.

Contact administrators

If you have questions or comments about the wiki, you can leave a message on an admin's talk page.

Check the Help pages for more information on contributing to 零Wiki!