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Tecmo, Ltd.|テクモ|Tekumo| (formerly known as Tehkan Ltd & Teikoku Kanzai) is a Japanese video game corporation that is best known for the Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive , Deception/Kagero, Monster Rancher/Monster Farm, Rygar, Tecmo Super Bowl, Fatal Frame and Gallop Racer video game series. The company was founded on July 31, 1967. 2 years later, in 1969, it started to sell amusement equipment.

On March 1981, a U.S. division was inaugurated as U.S Tehkan Inc. A month later, on April 1981, Tehkan released in Japan its first arcade video game titled Pleiads (which was distributed in America by Centuri). When it was still called Tehkan, the company also released such classic games as Bomb Jack and Tehkan World Cup. In January 8, 1986, Tehkan officially changed its name to Tecmo.

Tecmo, Ltd still continues to bring games to Japan, the US, and Europe, although they have yet to open up a European Division of the company. The two most well known development groups in Tecmo's offices are Team Ninja and Project Zero.

As of 2006, Tecmo Ltd has been expanding into the online world of MMORPGs (Monster Farm Online) and with their online community LieVo. They have also been releasing quite a few versions of their games into the Japanese cellphone market, including Monster Farm Pop! and Real零 : Another Edition. While there has been company hype at gaming conventions (such as the former E3) about the release of these cellphone games to the American Market, only Ninja Gaiden and Tecmo Super Bowl have been offered to US cellphone gamers.

For a time, Tecmo, Ltd even produced its own magazine for fans, Tecmo Player's Magazine [1] which was distributed online via an older version of the Japanese company's website. For Japanese fans, Tecmo has Tecmo Internet Club [2] The company has been pushing the envelope, not afraid to venture into unique fields of music, media, and entertainment, keeping Tecmo in the forefront of other videogame companies.


On April 1st, 2009, Koei and Tecmo merged together as partners, creating a new logo and company.

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