Tamashizume: The Camera Obscura

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"It is mere hypothesis, but I will attempt to interpret these lyrics."

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Tamashizume: The Camera Obscura

Japanese 射影機
Author Seijiro Makabe
Source Zero Akaichou Complete Official Capture Book
Page 188 (5)
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"The Camera Obscura"

Luckily, with regards to my research on Minakami Village, I was able to borrow some items from a good friend of mine. That friend is Kunihiko Asou. As a researcher of the Spirit World, he as such has dealt with many people with unusual beliefs, and we share an interest in the wondrous and mysterious. He is currently researching a strange machine called the "Camera Obscura". It seems as though this camera can create pictures of the world which only mediums can see. Not only does taking pictures of ghosts capture their images, it also has an exorcismal effect. When I borrowed this machine I also took with me the "Spirit Stone Radio", a device upon which special crystals can be mounted, allowing the residual thoughts dwelling within them to be listened to. Using these items, I believe that I can create a record of the Hell Gate and its surroundings. Once I have completed this research, we may be able to use the information to confirm what Asou's subjects have stated. I will do whatever it takes.

Editor's Note

It seems as though Dr. Asou gave Mr. Makabe a prototype Camera Obscura, and I have found a few remaining records which suggest the existence of more prototypes. Dr. Asou continued researching a way to completely seal spirits and the like using the camera, visiting many well-known areas as he did so, and learnt that it would take a medium with a powerful sixth sense to be able to perform the sealing action. He heard of a district in which the old Himuro family had resided, in possession of an item called the "Holy Mirror", and after writing in his diary that he would visit the area, he failed to return. After Dr. Asou's death, a number of prototype cameras were discovered in the house, but their current whereabouts is unknown. They must be quietly slumbering somewhere. In a second-hand shop, for example, or an abandoned house somewhere...

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