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Tamashizume (魂鎮, literally Appeasing The Spirits) is a short book written by folklorist Seijiro Makabe, featured in an anthology of Japanese folklore, which ultimately became his last work. After Makabe's death during the events which occurred in Minakami Village, the notebook which Makabe had written in during his travels was taken by his apprentice, Ryozo Munakata, by whom it was edited and published some years later. It is sixteen pages long, and dedicated to Makabe's good friend Dr. Kunihiko Asou. The book also contains a few illustrations of the village and the area surrounding it.

Tamashizume can be found as supplemental material at the back of the official guidebook for Fatal Frame II.



Japanese Folklore Anthology 7 - Kaizo-sha
Seijiro Makabe - Ryozo Munakata

The Camera Obscura - Hell Gate
House of the Secret Festival - Twin Village
Hidden Ceremony - Madness of the Festival

What exactly is the "Hell Gate"? Does it really connect this world and the other? And what would happen if the two were to become joined...?

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Seijiro Makabe (真壁 清次郎)
Folklorist, 1885-1946, Tokyo

Whilst travelling the whole of Japan, folklorist Makabe investigated and researched many legends and faiths rooted in various areas. The author has written more than eighty books. He travelled to Minakami Village with his apprentice, Ryozo Munakata, who edited and published this work.
Other famous works include "Gods of the Ghost Towns" and "Izanami-no-Sato".

If this book is ever completed, I would like to dedicate it to my friend, Kunihiko Asou. - Seijiro Makabe

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