Old News Article 2

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Old News Article 2

Old article.png

Kanji 古い新聞記事2
Game Fatal Frame
Author Unknown (newspaper)
Chapter Night 1
Located at Storehouse
Obtained In the cupboard beside the door
Description Old News Article 2 - "Girl, Thought Taken by Ghosts, Found"
Additional Description I found a partly burnt piece of paper on the shelf. Looks like an old news article.
Related Notes Old News Article 1, Old News Article 3

The girl who has been missing for three days in the Himuro Mountain area, and rumored to have been snatched away by ghosts, has been found by a local man. She is fatigued, but in good health. The police plan to wait for her recovery and ask her about the other three children.

The girl's parents have also been missing the day after her disappearance. The police (are) looking for a foster home for the girl.

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