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Lenses are used to help make fighting ghosts easier, by damaging them or inflicting temporary effects on them (such as slowing the ghost's movement). They can be found throughout the game, or obtained by completing the game's other features (such as the Spirit List or mission mode).


Similar to "Stop", paralyses the ghost until damage is dealt to it. (Appears in FF5.)


Increases the amount of damage dealt to a ghost. (Appears in FF2, FF3, FF4 and DCB.)


Consumes all spirit points to increase damage dealt to a ghost, or doubles the amount of damage to a ghost. (Appears in FF3, FF4 and FF5.)


Temporarily increases the power of your attacks. (Appears in FF4.)


In DCB, similar to Miku's "Double" special ability in FF3, adds an extra circle to the charge meter. In FF5, doubles the number of Spirit Fragments that appear. (Appears in DCB and FF5.)


Used with the Spirit Stone Flashlight. Extends the amount of time available between chained shots. (Appears in FF4.)


Heavily increases the amount of damage dealt to a ghost. (Appears in FF2, FF3, FF4, DCB and FF5.)


Enables the player to find ghosts in the dark. (Appears in SC.)


Used with the Spirit Stone Flashlight. Allows you to take non-damaging photographs. (Appears in FF4.)


Weakens ghosts' attacks. (Appears in DCB.)


Increases the window of time available for a Fatal Frame. (Appears in FF4.)


In DCB, enables Fatal Time, which allows you to photograph a ghost as many times as you like. In FF5, triggers a Fatal Frame after photographing a ghost during a Shutter Chance. (Appears in DCB and FF5.)


Inverts colours. (Appears in SC.)


In FF3, this works similarly to FF4's "Boost" lens, temporarily increasing the amount of damage you can inflict. In FF4, it merely increases the attack damage of a single shot. (Appears in FF3 and FF4.)


Pushes ghosts backwards, even when the shot is not a Fatal Frame Shot. (Appears in FF2 and FF4.)

"Purple Mirror"

Reacts to new pages in the Purple Diary. (Appears in SC.)


This lens is used to view the torn photographs in the Purple Diary, and reconstruct them to show whatever, or whoever, is missing. (Appears in SC.)


Converts damage into player health. (Appears in DCB and FF5.)


Temporarily increases points earned. (Appears in DCB and FF5.)


In FF2, this makes spirits more visible, similar to the "Sense" function in FF3. In DCB, it extends the Fatal Frame moment. In FF5, it allows the player to glance a spirit from a distance by taking a photo of them at the right moment, defeating them instantly. (Appears in FF2, DCB and FF5.)


Consumes little spirit power, but increases damage, allowing several rapid enhanced shots. (Appears in FF2 and FF3.)


Slows spirits' movements. (Appears in FF2, FF3, FF4, DCB and FF5.)


Stops spirits' movements. (Appears in FF2, FF3 and FF4.)


In FF2, this has the effect of intermittently stopping a spirit's movements. In DCB and FF5, it pushes ghosts back, similar to the "Pressure" lens. (Appears in FF2, DCB and FF5.)


Temporarily prevents ghosts from Dark Returning. (Appears in DCB.)


Automatically aims you at the nearest spirit. (Appears in FF2 and FF4.)


Allows you to hear the voice of a locked-on target when you take a photograph. (Appears in FF5.)


In FF2, FF3, FF4 and DCB, this lens increases damage. In Spirit Camera, the Type-Zero Lens is the default lens, and the only one that can inflict damage. In FF5, it deals more damage to spirits when the player's health is low. (Appears in FF2, FF3, FF4, SC, DCB and FF5.)

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