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Fatal Frame: Deep Crimson Butterfly Ghost


"The workings of human minds are complex... beautiful."
Kanji/Kana 暮羽
Occupation Guide / Twin Shrine Maiden
Encountered at Haunted House Mode
Cause of Death Unknown
Stone N/A
For the shrine, see Kureha Shrine.

Kureha is a character in Fatal Frame: Deep Crimson Butterfly who was a shrine maiden of Kureha Shrine and presided over the Shadow Festival. Because her twin was stillborn Kureha became a Remaining at birth, and due to this has no emotions,[1] though sensing the fear of a lost person gives her a faint feeling of happiness. She has given up on life, and waits to rot.

Kureha acts as the player's guide for Haunted House Mode, allowing the player to enter the Lost House that appears around the time of the Hidden Festival, providing the player with a report on how they fared at the end of each level and informing them of the strength of their sixth sense relative to their performance.

Her vanishing ghost can be found inside Kureha Shrine during the final chapter, if the player returns there for the Long Road Home ending.


Misc. Info

  • A character like Kureha - an older, white-haired Remaining with a remote demeanour who serves as a warning to Mio - appeared in the dream Makoto Shibata had, which inspired Fatal Frame II. During development, this figure evolved into the character Itsuki Tachibana, and the original idea was scrapped, until her appearance was passed on to Kureha in Deep Crimson Butterfly.[2]
  • Her Japanese voice was provided by Rie Tanaka.

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  2. The Director Talks About Each Chapter's Highlights, Zero Shinku no Chou Walkthrough and Data Collection Book, p44-47. (English translation)

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