Kaname's Letter 8

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"It is mere hypothesis, but I will attempt to interpret these lyrics."

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Kaname's Letter 8

Japanese 要からの手紙 八
Author Kaname Ototsuki
Source Zero Shisei no Koe Complete Official Capture Book
Page 128-129
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Since I began dreaming of the manor, several things have been bothering me.

One of those things is the way I keep hearing a voice that seems to belong to you calling out to me.

Another is that voices that seem like those of the dead cause a strong desire somewhere within me to see those who have passed away.

I wonder if everyone has dreams like this.
The same dream repeats again and again like some kind of rhythm or beat; furthermore, it continues perfectly from where it left off the previous night every time, just like a story, but I suppose I shouldn't pay it much heed.

Perhaps it's just a memory or reminiscence stowed somewhere within my heart, but it feels as though maybe rather than being a distinct memory I have it's like a hallucination occurring for real before my eyes.

I suppose that by now you will be surrounded by snow there.
Take care not to overdo it.


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