Kaname's Letter 13

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"It is mere hypothesis, but I will attempt to interpret these lyrics."

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Kaname's Letter 13

Japanese 要からの手紙 十三
Author Kaname Ototsuki
Source Zero Shisei no Koe Complete Official Capture Book
Page 195
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To my dearest Reika,

As I write this, I have in my possession the earring my mother left me as a keepsake.

Back when I went to visit that Doctor, I couldn't contain myself about that daydream I had.

I reached out my hand to the imprisoned priestess.
Then, surely, I touched her.
In her ear was the exact same earring as mine.
It's the earring I gave you when I left the village,
so that we could be a pair.

If she is you, yourself
just like the dream, you must be in a shrine somewhere.
Just like the "dream" you, who has been taken away to a place I can never reach,
I feel like I'll never be able to see the "real" you again.

I want to see you once more, somehow.

If it's the same as in the dream,
you must be in that big shrine called the Kuze Shrine.

Even though I'm worried about what happened in the middle of that interview with the Doctor,
right now all I can think about is returning to your side as quickly as possible.

Until I finally get there,
please don't go anywhere.

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