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A walkthrough is a term used to describe step by step how to get through a videogame level in order to beat or solve the game.

Walkthroughs on the 零Wiki are the property of their authors and should NOT be used/copied or removed from the wiki to be posted on other websites without the author's permission.

Posting a Walkthrough

Create a walkthrough the following way.

1. Create a walkthrough page

Just like starting a normal page in the wiki, your first step is to create a walkthrough page. It should be named Username: 'Title of Game' Walkthrough. This walkthrough page should have basic overall information and anything that cannot be put on individual chapter pages. (Information about the author, credits, etc) Make sure to add the Category tag [[Category: Game name Walkthroughs]] For example, a walkthrough by Emi would be called Emi: Fatal Frame IV Walkthrough.

2. Individual walkthrough chapters

Next step is to divide the walkthrough up by game chapters. The naming scheme should be the similar. Username: 'Chapter Title'. (This way, multiple users can write different walkthroughs for the same game). Remember, that your walkthrough is still on a wiki, so be sure to link it to the appropriate articles! When you are done with a chapter, Link it to the appropriate game summary. For example, a individual Chapter for Emi: Emi: Blooming Touch or Emi: Chapter 0 - Blooming Touch.

3. Link

Walkthroughs may be linked on the following pages:
  • Your userpage
  • Walkthrough Category
  • Game chapter pages

Just be sure to mention that if they are spoiler free, have spoilers, or are a unique FAQ.
Walkthroughs should not be linked on game pages.

4. Editing Walkthroughs

Walkthroughs should only be edited by their creators or 零Wiki admins. If you see an issue with a walkthrough, mention it on their talk page or the talk page of the walkthrough.
Unauthorized edits will be reversed.

No No's for Walkthroughs

1. No Copying

See Plagiarism below.

2. No Video Walkthroughs

Video walkthroughs are not permitted on this wiki. You may LINK to your video walkthrough in a written walkthrough, but please do not simply post a video walkthrough.

3. No Empty walkthrough pages

If you make a walkthrough page, complete it. It is okay to have red links for chapter pages, but please try to finish what you start! :) (Even if you have to just do one chapter walkthrough at a time! That's OK. Having empty pages in the wiki, isn't so great or helpful!)


First and foremost, walkthroughs MUST be the written original work of the editor/contributor who writes it on the wiki. Any walkthrough posted on the 零Wiki that is NOT the creation of the editor who added it to the wiki will be immediately deleted.

Walkthroughs posted without the consent of the original author will also be deleted. Please do NOT post or copy walkthroughs from or other websites unless you are the original author of the walkthrough!