Chapter 3: The Repentance(DCB)

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This page concerns a chapter in Fatal Frame: Deep Crimson Butterfly. For the chapter of the same name in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, see Chapter 3: The Repentance(FF2).

Chapter 3: The Repentance(DCB)

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Japanese 三ノ刻 大償  ~オオツグナイ~
Description Chapter 3: The Repentance
Player Character Mio Amakura
Game Fatal Frame: Deep Crimson Butterfly

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Chapter 2: The Twins
Chapter 4: The Hidden Ceremony
Still chasing after her sister, Mio enters Kurosawa House. She encounters the spirits of people who were killed in the massacre that took place on the night of the festival, and in the Great Hall she sees a vision of the Repentance: Sae Kurosawa stands laughing with dozens of corpses sprawled around, and the Kusabi advances from behind her. The Kusabi is impervious to damage from the Camera Obscura, so Mio is forced to flee the Great Hall and run deeper into the house. She catches a glimpse of Mayu on the second floor, and follows her to a locked room. In order to obtain the key, she has to fight the ghosts of the Man and Woman Slain by Kusabi in the Blood-Filled Room.

When she enters the room where Mayu is trapped, she sees a shadow behind a screen, holding something in her hands and murmuring, "We promised to stay together, forever. We ran from here, but still... but still... they all died." Rounding the screen, Mio discovers Mayu unconscious on the floor. When Mayu awakens, she begs Mio to stay with her, and Mio reaffirms her promise. The twins prepare to leave together.

Areas Explored




Key Items



Spirit Stones


Spirit List

  • 8. Man Slain by Kusabi
  • 9. Woman Slain by Kusabi
  • 56. Woman in Bloody Kimono
  • 57. The Waiting Priest
  • 58. Terrified Man
  • 59. Mayu Walking Upstairs
  • 60. Escaping Villager
  • 61. The Captor
  • 62. The Dragged Man
  • 63. Man Looking Back
  • 178. Man Looking Down


Boss Fight

Man Slain by Kusabi, Woman Slain by Kusabi - Blood-Filled Room

Save Points

  • Courtyard Stairway
  • Grounds
  • Linking Corridor


None yet.

Misc. Info

  • When you enter the Kurosawa House, Mio's flashlight will go out and it will be rendered unusable for the remainder of the time Mio is in the Kurosawa House.

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