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My fanfiction for the contest

Fatal Frame Mafuyu Hinasaki Miku Hinasaki Kirie Himuro Contest Entry Fanfiction

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#1 OFFLINE   AnimalLover47999


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Posted 19 August 2013 - 03:06 AM

I'll be going after the guidebook.  However if I do win it I'll need to try to convince my mom to give out our information in order to receive it.  If I can then great!  If I can't then I'd like for the guidebook to go to the person who wins second place.


This is pretty much how I wish Mafuyu had been portrayed.  I would have felt much more torn apart at the ending had this been what had happened.  As a personal side note if Shibata ever decides to remake Fatal Frame I'll try to get this sent to him as a suggestion of how I feel would make Mafuyu's sacrifice much more tragic. LOL


Ever since I was little I've always had a secret.  Something that I dare not tell to anyone other than my family.  It all began when I was 7.  I had gone out to play in the woods near the village my house is at.  I'd been pretending that I was an adventurer who traveled all over Feudal Japan and went out of his way to help those in the most need of help.  It was something that was deep rooted in myself.  I've always been compelled to help others that need it.  Whenever someone is in trouble I'll go out of my way to help them even if it caused problems for me or my family.


I'd been getting ready to go home when I saw something.  A bright flash of light appeared before my eyes and I held my hands up to my eyes to shield them from the light.  Afterwards once the brightness had died down I opened my eyes and saw a young girl no older then I was in a white kimono with sunflower patterns on it.  She had long black hair, a pale complexion, and dark brown eyes.  Just looking at her made my breath leave my throat.  Time itself seemed to have frozen by her very presence and I couldn't tear my eyes away from hers.  She looked like she wanted to tell me something or to follow her.  Before I could ask what was wrong however I heard a gasp behind me.  I looked back and saw my younger sister Miku staring at me and the girl in white.  She had a very pained expression on her face, a look in her eyes that showed fear.  Fear for me.  As if me following this girl in white would cause something terrible to happen to me.  Before I could say anything she rushed to me, grabbed hold of my waste and pulled me away from the girl causing us to trip and roll down the hill that we had climbed.


The next thing I knew I was at the foot of our village with Miku holding very tight onto me while crying and shouting for me to never go away.  I looked back up the hill but the girl in white was nowhere to be seen and the air didn't feel still anymore.


Miku?  What's wrong?  What are you doing out here?


Mafuyu...don't go.


I'm not going anywhere don't worry.


...You promise?


I promise you I'm not going anywhere.


Okay.  I followed you because I wanted to play but I got lost.  When I found you...I felt that if I didn't grab you and pull you away then I'd lose you forever.  All I saw was you standing at the edge of a cliff and I didn't want you to fall.


...You saw something that wasn't there?




What about a girl?  Was there a girl standing by the cliff?


A girl?  No.  It was just you.



Afterwards when we got back home I told our mother about what both of us had seen and her demeanor changed from her normal relaxed self to a look of pure horror.  She took both me and Miku to her bedroom and told us to never follow anything that seems unnatural or inexistable for it could destroy us.


My mother has a sixth sense.  She is able to see what shouldn't be seen by the living and she had hoped that we hadn't inherited it.  But me and Miku both had been given the power to see and interact with things that shouldn't exist and ever since then we'd felt like outcasts.  I'd tried telling my friends at school about our powers but they accused me of lying. 


When I tried showing them my gift by pointing out when something was there that they couldn't see they stopped spending time with me and spread rumors in the school that if you got to close to me or my sister then you'd lose your soul.


Both me and my sister have depended on each other since then.  We've had no one else other than our mother who tried to be as supportive and cheerful as possible but always had an underlying sadness about her.


When I was 16 years old I'd come home from school to see Miku sobbing near the atrium of our house.  I went over to her to see what was wrong and was crushed by what I saw.  Our mother was hanging from the tree in our back yard.  The little life she had left had been leaving her over the past few weeks and she'd been taking pictures with an old camera that belonged to our grandmother Mikoto while muttering things such as "I won't let you take them, I can't let them see this, and I'm sorry for being too weak to prevent you from receiving this curse."  We'd tried comforting her and trying to understand what was wrong but she shut us out and would barely talk to us unless it had to do with school.


Our mother was dead.  She had taken her own life because of her gift and the guilt of knowing that we'd inherited that gift.  After the funeral I looked over the pictures she had taken and saw impossible things.  Things that shouldn't exist and yet were right there on film.  There was something about this camera, something of mystical power that was too much for our mother to handle.  After all these years of trying to deny the truth, trying to protect us from the other world she had succumbed to the powers of the camera.


For the next five years I assumed the role of the parent for my younger sister.  Miku had been an emotional wreck ever since our mother died for she had not only been the one who found her, but also because that only leaves me left in her life.  Our father had disappeared when we were very young.  I only remember a few things about him such as how he would always buy me candy every Friday after work and would play adventurer with me whenever he had the chance.  He went missing shortly after Miku was born and she has no memories of him at all. 


From that point on Miku was always following me.  Whenever she could she would always keep me in her sights and if I was ever late coming home from my job as an apprentice journalist then she'd be huddled in her room with our cat Ruri and mom's hairpiece in her arms. 


My inner instinct to comfort and help those in need and my love for my sister drove me on.  It's what kept me able to appear strong and dependable for her.  I'd always do whatever it took to be the strong parental figure that I had to be for my sister but deep down part of me resented it somewhat.  I felt like my life had been flipped around and I've been forced into a role that I neither wanted nor was ready for.  I never expressed these feelings to Miku however because I love her very much and I don't want her to feel like I resent her or that she's a burden to me.


And look where my selflessness has gotten me now.  I had traveled to Himuro mansion after Mr. Takamine in the hopes to save him and had wound up captured by the ghost of woman in a white kimono who looked at me like I was a plaything that was all just hers for the keeping.  Apparently I look nearly identical to the man that she was in love with when living and as such she is keeping me alive in this mansion that is frozen in time.  I'd wound up trapped in a realm of the supernatural.


Throughout all of this while being kept close to the woman I had learned of her past.  Her name was Kirie Himuro and she was the Rope Shrine Maiden of Himuro Mansion hundreds of years ago.  She'd been isolated from her family and the outside world ever since the age of 7 so as to become detached from all living joys.  She'd been locked up in a cell with no one but four priests with masks over there faces to interact with.  She was let outside only once in a long time, and she never saw her family again.  However in spite of this she felt privileged to be the Rope Shrine maiden who would die to save countless others.  She felt no resentment towards her fate and felt the only joy she could feel knowing that her death would bring happiness and peace to others.


However about a few months before the Strangling Ritual was to take place she met someone.  A man from another area who had been allowed to stay in the mansion due to his high stature as the son of the Feudal Lord of that area had been allowed to meet Kirie and had began teaching her the joys of living and what it was like to truly live.


They both fell in love with each other and he had been planning to take her away from the mansion so they could be together.  However the priests feeling worried that his relationship with Kirie would cause her to become unsuitable for the ritual tried to keep them apart until they finally murdered him when he tried to sneak into her room in the dead of night.  They tossed his body into the abyss and told Kirie that he had gone back to his homeland.


Kirie then dreamed of her lover.  He had a sorrowful and pained look on his face and he kept showing up in her dreams every night until she eventually realized that he had been killed by the priests.  Feeling guilty for his death and miserable that she couldn't be with him anymore now that she's discovered the true joy of living she then became unsuitable to be a sacrifice to bind the demon mouth gate shut.  She wanted to continue her roll as the maiden in order to save others but she also wanted to be with the one she loved.  As such her laceration ropes broke from the gate and it swung open unleashing a horde of evil spirits from the other side that killed those in the mansion and corrupted her spirit with the Malice from inside it.


Her soul then split into two halves.  A corrupted vengeful spirit who wanted to make everyone she came into contact with suffer the pain that she felt when she died, and a pure kind self of her as a child who wants to stop her other self.  It was the same girl in white who I had seen all those years ago as a child.  I now realize what she had wanted.  She had been looking for someone who resembled her lover to stop her other self.


When I found my way to gate I saw my sister Miku there who had come looking for me.  I tried to reach out to her but I was held back by Kirie who then proceeded to absorb me inside of her.


While inside of Kirie I could feel everything.  I saw her as a child who was happy and was loved by her parents.  I saw her be separated from them and forced to live in complete isolation for the rest of her life, I saw her fall in love and remember what it was like to be happy and to truly live, I felt the heartbreak and guilt she had felt when her lover had been taken away from her, and I felt her conflicting feelings of wanting to appease the gate but wanting her loved one back as she was torn apart by the ropes.


Everything that she had gone through, her whole life of being alone, her sorrow, her anger, her regrets, everything was poured into me and I felt as if I was her.  I felt as if I was experiencing everything she had experienced firsthand and had gone through everything she had gone through.  For what seemed like an eternity I relived her entire life and believed that I was her and experienced what she had gone through.


After what seemed like several lifetimes I remembered who I really was and saw my sister Miku safe and right next to me.  She had saved me from that endless turmoil that I had been feeling and kept me from forever being miserable.  I had felt everything Kirie had felt and was the first one to truly know her pain and what she had gone through and began weeping once I'd been freed from her captivity.


Once Miku had been able to calm me down I looked over to see that Kirie had been purified and had sealed herself to the gate.  I looked on as she began feeling the endless pain and suffering of having her very soul be used to keep the gate forever sealed and I realized at that moment what needed to be done.


With a heavy heart I turned to Miku, embraced her, and said that she was the best sister I could have ever hoped for and that I was grateful to be her brother.  The cave began collapsing and I urged Miku to go on without me.  I told her that I had made arrangements for her to live with my only friend and his fiancee should something happen to me and that she'd be looked after and taken care of.


Miku.  Go.  You have your whole life to live for and I have made sure that you will be cared for.  My only friend Yuu Asou and his fiancee have agreed to take care of you should anything happen to me.  Kirie has nothing.  She has no one.  She'll be here in endless suffering and pain for all eternity for the sake of keeping everyone safe.  I have felt her pain firsthand and can't let her suffer that all alone.  If I stay then she'll have someone to help ease her pain.


What are you saying?  Mafuyu I need you!


But she needs me more.  Miku I want to go with you but I can't just leave her to endless suffering.  If I can ease her pain, even if it's just a little, then I wish to do just that by being by her side and sharing her pain and sadness.


Miku you go on without me.


As soon as I said this the ceiling caved in on me and I used the last of my life force to transport Miku outside of the mansion.


Miku.  Thank you for everything.  I love you.

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#2 OFFLINE   midwinter


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Posted 20 August 2013 - 01:18 PM

I'm impressed at how much you managed to get done in such a short time! This is cool, it's like an extended version of the character summaries. It does what it set out to do, so well done. :D The idea of Mafuyu seeing little Kirie when he was a child was interesting. Good luck!

#3 OFFLINE   Nephthys13


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Posted 24 August 2013 - 04:16 PM

Miyuki  :(

I think you've done well in expressing Mafuyus feelings and you're right...After reading this I instantly felt sorry for him. The game didn't managed to set out such feelings (Ok maybe for others, but not for me...). 


Miku.  Go.  You have your whole life to live for 

And to be honest: cold shivers  :) I don't know why but every time I read this line (and till now I read it a couple of times) I sit here shivering.

Great work and amazing story!

#4 OFFLINE   AnimalLover47999


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Posted 25 August 2013 - 04:27 AM

Thank you to everyone for your very kind words. :)

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