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Tattoo curse caused the Shadowborn?

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#1 OFFLINE   GregZerO


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Posted 19 April 2020 - 02:24 AM

So this is a theory that popped up in my mind and I would like to hear your opinions a lot! Later on It kinda turns into random thoughts but its weirdly connected in my brain so that's the best thing i can do right now :P 


When Miku met Mafuyu at the rift ,he wasn't able to absorb the tattoes from her,either because part of his soul was at he Hell Gate with Kirie so it wasn't 100% fully at the rift him but more like a trace,which is very possible cause he is really :I throughout the FF3 events or he couldn't take it cause then he has to be at the gate and you have to be pure and be cleansed and purified to keep it closed.(Or maybe Miku just couldn't move on without him,so the tattoo couldnt be tranfered). But the Tattoo curse was broken,Reika crossed the rift,so they couldn't stay on the person right?If Mafuyu didn't take them, maybe someone else had to take them!


And that's were Miu comes to the game. The tattoo were absorbed by Miku and she had to get them out someway doing so by toilet would be very off for the series so maybe that's how a shadowborn is being concieved and that's why it reduces the life of the carrier,because it is the continuation of the curse after all . The tattoo was a snake right and i'm pretty sure that there is a note in FF3 that i cant find now about snake being related to otherworld and god stuff so that's why Miu has the abillity to shadow read . And also if we read from the document from FF3 in Master and Snake


"The Master washes off the tattoos with water that gushes forth from a mountain spring. As she does this, the snake swims into the water and disappears deep into the spring"


So Miu is the shadowborn cause she was born by the tattoo curse, okay?So she is in a supernatural/metaforical way kinda the snake.


The phrase from that document from FF3 sounds like its from FF5 isn't it?"Water from a mountain....the snake swims into the water and disapears" right? Maybe that's the final destination of the snake to go right?So that's where Miu has to go,to the water. Miku feels that so since her time is running out, she is going at the source of the water,which is Mt Hikami cause that way she knows that Miu will look for her (kind of the otherworld will lure her there) when she gets older and also she can be again with Mafuyu and assist him at the Hell gate thing,since she can't be alive to be the parent for Miu. But at the same time she will lead the "snake" (Miu) to the water. 


"The Wedding Celebrant tries to warn Miu away from the casket, saying that even a Shadowborn must serve her duty and become a Pillar." (from wiki)


Sounds like  happy family...kinda...in a twisty way?A shadowborn cause of it's abillities can be a great pillar so it is where a part of her actually belongs. the snake,which is the pain and the sufferring of people(which is what maidens in FFV are glancing anyway),will go in the box to keep the black water in it's place ( thus leading to the closure of the tattoo curse too completely). A shadowborn is like a "weird extra key/plan B" from the otherworld that can be used to lock another otherworld gate or something. In the end Mafuyu helped a Hell gate close,Miku helped like 2 and then goes to give strength to Mafuyu and Miu is also kinda destined to do something similar,she is not normal human afterall.


I don't think that Miku had all this planned,it was more like a feeling and a sense that lured her to the otherworld,so her brother and at the same time Miu was lured there.Something like a destiny caused by the incompletness of the Tattoo curse in her case. her apologetic attitude is probably both because she didn't know exactly what was luring her doing all that and the fact that Ose events happened and the whole thing got out of hand and dangerous.


ooof does any of that make sense?What do you think? For some reason Miu being the result of the tattoo curse clicks with me a lot.











#2 OFFLINE   Rheo



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Posted 23 April 2020 - 10:38 AM

D: it's been 6 years and you're the only one who noticed this now? XD


I thought that in the Rift, there's already water, so that should be able to play a part in removing the tattoo?


However, you said that Miku had to go to the source of the water, which is... in Mt. Hikami. That's like saying both the Rift and Mt. Hikami are connected? OAO

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