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Ideas for Fatal Frame 6?

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#1 OFFLINE   PikaLink91


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Posted 14 April 2018 - 11:43 AM

In the manga, the power of illusions, caused by your level of fear, is a rather huge element, so I was thinking, what if that idea was somehow incorporated into an eventual Fatal Frame 6, or a spin-off perhaps?


We see the same kind of thing as a gameplay element in the horror game Eternal Darkness, which, if I recall, is another IP owned by Nintendo... one they haven't used in years I might add. And Project Zero is already a series where a huge puzzle element is taking photos of hotspots where something else then shows up in the photo.

Clock Tower 3 also had a fear meter, where if it maxed out, your character would panic and run wild. I am not suggesting we go that far, but having a meter similar to the one in Eternal Darkness, where the more it fills, the more the game breaks the 4th wall and f**ks with you, I think could be a neat idea (emphasis on could). Like the infamous one, where they make it look like the game takes control of your game and deletes your save file.

I dunno, is there anything from the manga that you think could work in a future game?

PS. am I the only one thinking a school could be a cool setting for a game? Just take something like White Day, put it in 3rd person, ad the Camera Obscure, an voila :P

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#2 OFFLINE   midwinter


    Tsukimori Shrine Admin

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 02:59 PM

I've always wondered how they'd implement some kind of fear/sanity meter in this series! It does seem strange that they haven't even attempted it, since a lot of the games have elements of people getting more and more involved with the haunting, but maybe we're supposed to see that as something inevitable rather than something we have any control over. I dunno if it would necessarily be good if they added it - I don't think they have a very good track record with adding brand-new gameplay elements  - but it still seems like something they ought to try at least once.


I do quite like the idea of having more illusions and unreliable POV characters, though. One thing I liked in the manga was using the Spirit Stone Flashlight to destroy illusions (even though it only came up once and was never mentioned again, sob), and I think that could work in a game. They could have fun training us to see certain kinds of effects as illusions, and then once in a while you bring out the flashlight and it turns out the "illusion" is real.


A school setting in the main series could be cool, too! I don't know if they'll want to now that the movie and manga have both done it, not to mention DreadOut and White Day, but on the other hand it's hard to think of any other staple horror locations they haven't used yet. I feel like there's got to be one at some point.


They could also possibly make use of some of the other exorcism techniques, like Sara's seal keeping the ghosts out, or Mozu and Tsugumi repelling ghosts with sacred water. Probably not for an entire game, because it would start to feel more like some kind of generic onmyoji thing, but maybe there could be one chapter where a character has to defend themselves that way, like the one where Mio drops the camera in FF2, or most of Kei's first chapter with the hiding in FF3. Just to mix things up a little.

#3 OFFLINE   PikaLink91


    Missing Person

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 04:45 PM

Ahh yes, I forgot all about the illusion breaking flashlight! Probably because the manga did too.. but yes indeed, that would be a cool element to bring into the games.


Also having a character be able to learn defensive spells to repel the ghosts would be cool.. that was actually the first thing I thought when I read that part, but I forgot to mention it xD there would have to be a limit to its usage ofcourse, but on the other hand, in any other FF game it doesn't really take you long to become a powerhouse with dozens of unlockable camera features that make the ghosts your darling.

I remember an interview with the creator of Resident Evil Revelations 2, saying that since Revelations is a spin-off they feel more free to try new things that perhaps wouldn't feel at home in a main installment. So I guess they could easily have have a spin-off with a priestess of some kind (Sara perhaps?), using  magic spells which IS an untraditional gameplay element.

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#4 OFFLINE   GregZerO


    Jelly Bisquit

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 04:51 PM

What if there was a fear meter that the more your character was scared,the more vulnerable she would be to the ghost world?Like as you guys mentioned starting to see more illusions,more ghosts doing their "everyday routine" they had before death,some of them being actually dangerous,but most of them just doing their thing making you nervous like "is that one dangerous?that one?".You know they would be more visible the scarier your character would be and I don't mean 50 random ghosts in one room,but if it was a kitchen for example,maybe one ghost eating and one cooking.That would be so interesting cause it would also encourage people to  discuss online about random things they saw around the map when their meter incidentally would be up.


If you ask me,I don't personally thing that what FF needs is new gameplay techniques for attacking ghosts but more like "world changing" gameplay elements.The awfully wet meter for example could have potential but that phrase kinda summarizes FF5 .


I'm not expecting anything good from the team though to be honest,since lately almost every new addition is executed awfully (f.e. the rail sh!t in DCB,ayane sh!t in FFV,wet meter,...)


Edit: Okay I just realised this was ideas from the manga....hope what i said fits with the topic,cause i haven't read it :P

Edited by GregZerO, 16 April 2018 - 05:24 PM.



#5 OFFLINE   PikaLink91


    Missing Person

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 09:34 PM

Yeah, FF5 had ideas, they were just not very well executed. The wet meter like you said, and Ayane's über short side-story.

That said, you bring up a good point, about internet discussions. Yesterday I looked in the FF3 section, an old topic about a randomly triggered Crimson Butterfly, and that reminded me, that one of the coolest things in that game, was all the subtle random stuff that could happen in Rei's house. And I think that would be reall cool to bring back and potentially even expand the game's lifespan, because people would constantly discover something new and have something to talk about.


Edit: Okay I just realised this was ideas from the manga....hope what i said fits with the topic,cause i haven't read it :P


Haha, it's all good buddy. I dunno why I didn't just create this post in the Misc. section, perhaps because it was ideas from the manga that triggered my curiousity xD but hey, if nothing else, I am sure the admins can easily move this thread over there.

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#6 OFFLINE   MacabrelleEnvy



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Posted 28 April 2018 - 08:56 AM

I think one of the things I really love about certain games is the simplicity of gameplay. The less I have to try and track, the smoother gameplay goes. When you start to add more meters and equipment and menus things can get crowded and confusing. I watched a "making of" movie for the game The Last of Us and that's one if the things they discussed about making the HUD and actions in game. They wanted the player to be able to quickly select and switch through actions without interrupting the flow of the game. You can't pause the game and heal in the menu, you have to actively bandage yourself in real time. Just think how much more intense Fatal Frame would be if there wasn't the option to pause into the menu! (I know I bring up TLOU a lot but that's because Neil Druckman has a lot of love for and likely taken inspiration from the Fatal Frame series).

If I was going to make fear or sanity a main feature of a game then I would probably forego a hitpoint system or combine the two in a way that makes sense. For example, instead of losing hit points when encountering a ghost you would lose sanity or increase your level of fear. Time spent within the vacinity of a ghost would effect these levels, but time away would keep them steady or maybe even reduce them. Leveling up or progressing through the game could increase "hidden stats" (aka character development) like fortitude and willpower which in turn would increase the limit on those meters. Or, if I was being mean, progression in the story leading to an unravelling of the character's sanity would mean a decrease in those meters. Something like permanent "damage" that can't be undone/healed.

#7 OFFLINE   Cursed Lemon

Cursed Lemon

    Kid Playing Tag

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Posted 10 October 2018 - 08:12 PM

The "fear meter" idea is actually genius because it solves a huge problem with the franchise by putting the power to fix it in the hands of the players; frequency of random ghost encounters. The worst possible outcome is that ghosts are annoyingly common, meaning that the biggest detriment to gameplay is a little more time grinding from one area to another. It also means that the player could allow more ghosts to appear if they want to grind for camera/ability bonuses, and otherwise (if the ghost designs and battles are scary enough) it plays right into the central horror theme of the game itself. 

#8 OFFLINE   ナガクラ


    Lingering Shadow

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Posted 18 October 2018 - 03:25 AM

haha, thanks for reminding me I'm like 10 or so chapters from finishing the manga. I'm not sure what I would want for a Fatal Frame 6. Every game seems to have something new to some capacity. If something manga inspired gets implemented that yeah I wouldn't mind an adaptation of it. I do like what's already said. An insanity meter sounds pretty cool but I cant see the idea of characters freaking out or else you're ghost bait -cough- Mayu and Madoka -cough- .

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#9 OFFLINE   Vanmonky


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Posted 27 October 2019 - 04:02 PM

I just hope that FF6 can continue the story of trilogy :(

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