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Strobe lighting and the scent of musty old books rises from within the fog...
Eisenalex : (18 June 2017 - 04:07 PM) Momodora is a doujin-game-series from japan, they're all done in a metroidvania-style. some are more linear than others.
Eisenalex : (18 June 2017 - 04:08 PM) The current one (Momodora: Reveries under the moonlight) is, regarding tone, atmosphere and gameplay, kind of a mash-up of castlevania, metroid and souls-like games, especially the gothic style of bloodborne.
Eisenalex : (18 June 2017 - 04:09 PM) It's not a perfect gme by any means but I had a lot of fun with it.
Eisenalex : (18 June 2017 - 04:09 PM) *game
Kouta Koikawa : (18 June 2017 - 04:12 PM) Alright, I see. I like the Metroidvania concept and the gothic style. I'm actually pretty interested in the new game from the former Castlevania developers. Ritual of Blood or whatever it's called. The trailer looked pretty awesome. It's like Symphony of the Night but better looking.
Eisenalex : (18 June 2017 - 04:13 PM) Bloodstained: Ritual of the night. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it, too.
Kouta Koikawa : (18 June 2017 - 04:16 PM) Yes, that's the name. Looks good. It's like those old Castlevania games. Shame that Konami gave up on Castlevania and Silent Hill too. They used to be such a great developer.
Eisenalex : (18 June 2017 - 04:24 PM) Yeah, used to. I didn't like the LoS-Castlevanias anyway, so it's not too bad for me.
Kouta Koikawa : (18 June 2017 - 04:32 PM) LoS was decent but I disliked the gameplay rhythm. It was like God of War. You either fight or do platforming. I like how in old Castlevania games you do both at the same time. This is present even in games like Castlevania 64 but LoS removed that element.
Eisenalex : (18 June 2017 - 04:38 PM) Castlevania 64 is in my opinion much better than people say. It is, in fact, my favourite 3D castlevania.
Eisenalex : (18 June 2017 - 04:39 PM) LoS would have been decent if it weren't called "Castlevania".
Eisenalex : (18 June 2017 - 04:39 PM) I'll have to go now. See you!
Kouta Koikawa : (18 June 2017 - 04:43 PM) Sure, see you around!
Kouta Koikawa : (18 June 2017 - 04:45 PM) And I agree about Castlevania 64. For the most part it's how a 3D Castlevania should be.
Rheo : (22 June 2017 - 05:46 PM) I agree with the Castlevania 64 part XD
Rheo : (22 June 2017 - 05:47 PM) Also looking forward to Bloodstained :3
Eisenalex : (22 June 2017 - 08:01 PM) I think a lot of hate towards Castlevania 64 stems from people blindly believing the AVGN-Video about it without having played it themselves.
Cursed Lemon : (23 June 2017 - 08:10 AM) Ehh, the controls for the N64 Castlevania games are some of the worst I've experienced in games that are supposed to be high production value. The soundtracks, however, blow other Castlevania games clear out of the water.
Rheo : (24 June 2017 - 05:10 AM) Well yeah, that's why o.o My bf said it's one of the worst because of the controls. Even though I'm 50-50 about it. It's just that I was fine with it all along until then :<
Rheo : (24 June 2017 - 05:11 AM) Sometimes it wasn't good for me too lol

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Settings and themes: where to go from here?

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#1 OFFLINE   Eisenalex


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Posted 30 March 2017 - 03:10 PM

It's been discussed in the shoutbox several times now and I thought it'd be a good idea to give it its own thread:
We had a mansion, a village, the sleep manor, an island with a hospital, and a mountain. Twin rituals, cursed tattoos, the moon, cursed diaries, black water... what else is there for the Fatal Frame series to explore?
This thread is to discuss ideas you would either like to see in a future game or that you could imagine being used. I love coming up with game ideas and I thought this could be fun for others as well.

To make the start, here's the first to ideas for imaginary games that came up in the shoutbox:

1. A cursed snowstorm on a mountain

The antagonist:

A yuki onna like ghost of a young woman who was supposed to be a virgin sacrifice but fell in love, became pregnant and got a forced abortion, making her spirit get overwhelmed with negativity and obsessed with motherhood.
The setting:

You come across the antagonist while you're hiking during winter with your fiancee/friend/relative/whatever and meet a young woman who convinces you to carry her baby up the mountain to her house. She vanishes while you do so and you see that it's actually just a stone wrapped in sheets, so you throw it away, feeling tricked. The woman/ghost, thinking that was actually her child, gets furious and conjures up a snowstorm, separating you from your companion and trapping you on the mountain, where you find a couple of huts and a frozen over temple, that were used by monks, hunters and wood cutters.

Unique game mechanics:

The snowstorm gets stronger or weaker, depending on the chapter. That way you either couldn't get outside at all, a lake could get frozen over so you could explore a small island on that lake, an avalanche could cut off parts of the area... using freezing water, avalanches and snow cleverly, you could have a comparatively small game area that keeps changing over the course of the game.
Similar to the wetness gauge of FF5, you could have a "coldness gauge", where you're at the risk of hypothermia. Saving points would be fireplaces and you could have puzzles where you need to lighten up certain lanterns.


2. A haunted boarding school
The antagonist:
The ghost of the headmaster of the school or some other member of the school staff.

The setting:
Your grandmother, who you were really attached to, died and you go through her belongings after her funeral, finding old diaries that tell of her past where she went to a boarding school, with many parts missing, so you go there to learn more about what happened to her and you find the former school to be completely abandoned and you get confronted with the literal ghosts of her pasts. It's a little clichée, but in that setting you can easily incorporate themes of bullying, sexual und psychological abuse, and other things. Your enemies could be the ghosts of your grandma's classmates, teachers, the ground keeper and other school staff who see you as her and want you to take her place among them to "complete" them. A boarding school would also allow for a variety of areas, like a gym, a dining room, bedrooms, classrooms, the school grounds including a part of a forest and so on.

So, what do you think about it? What would you add or what do you think isn't fitting?
What would you do if you were in charge of directing the next game? There's still a lot to explore in my opinion - haunted factories, modern apartment complexes, hotels, abandoned military areas...
I'm looking forward to read about your ideas!

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allt er orðið hlytt.

#2 OFFLINE   GreekShadow


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Posted 31 March 2017 - 02:02 AM

Hmmm I had some thoughts about it too and one idea that sounded cool in my mind was a "Hidden Underground Town" or something and by that I don't mean narrow tunnels,the celling would be wayyyyy higher from the whole town,unreachable.It could be like a regular town with houses,markets,maybe a small lake,a brook,shrines blah blah but it would all somehow be influenced by the fact that it is way below the surface.


It could have many potentional ideas to explore,maybe there was a distaster and people couldnt get out of there,maybe someone had a secret passage to the surface who brought food/water and people treated him like a god,maybe since it was far from the surface it was closer to the otherworld.Light/fire or electricity with endangared batteries could be a huge concept of the whole story cause without it it would be literally hella dark.Maybe bringing people from the surface to sacrifice or something,so people in the above surface (normal)town start missing,and we could play a detective's side from above who would communicate with normal/alive people trying to solve the mystery apart from the "trapped protagonist" below.


And in general the scenery could be really interesting and add a fresh feel to the series without feeling unfamiliar or too different.Ofcourse it could have it's creepy otherworldy rituals in it and in terms of gameplay they could really try to play with fear of isolation,fear of running out of light,maybe a ghost would be so freaking scary cause he would just blow the candles/lights away laughing.Down there that would be a huge deal.


I would love to explore something like that but it will probably never happen,oh well  :beard:



#3 OFFLINE   Eisenalex


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Posted 09 April 2017 - 01:50 PM

That reminds me of this: https://en.wikipedia...nderground_city
I think this could work, but how would you avoid it being too monotonous when everything is so cramped?

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#4 OFFLINE   Hex


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Posted 14 April 2017 - 01:07 AM

Greek's idea kind of reminds of Kitezh in Rise of the Tomb Raider; a lost city hidden under a glacier, patrolled by deathless knights searching the streets.  Reminded me a bit of the lost village and the roaming villagers and was quite eerie - I'd be really interested to see something like that.  A snowstorm that changes the environment is a great idea, too.  Would love to explore Frozen shrines and caves.


I'd be curious to see a game that explored time, maybe using two time periods alongside each other that change due to desciaions you make.  I'm not familiar with Japanese history, but maybe something traditional like the Heian period similar to Kuon, playing as a Shinto priest or priestess with their own camera, a strange device that found its way into their timeline with a mystery of its own.  There's always been that contrast of old and modern in Fatal Frame, I wonder if they could toy with it like that?  Including something like the prophecy photos from the manga, with a camera that inversely reveals the future, which a modern day character could find which depicts events happening to them, could be interesting, too.

#5 OFFLINE   MacabrelleEnvy



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Posted 30 April 2017 - 01:44 PM

What i'd really like to see is a remake of Spirit Camera. The backstory, ritual, characters, etc all fit really well within the series. It was the (lack of) gameplay that caused the game to be poorly received. I loved the AR function with the cursed diary, but there needed to be more exploration of the manor or another location. Relying on just a few minutes here and there of the actual player's location was the biggest mistake especially since it all involved looking for and talking to Maya. Having some actual exploration and puzzle solving outside of the diary could lengthen the game significantly.

As far as a brand new game, I think exploring an onsen/ryoken would be interesting. Water has always been a prominent symbol in the series and i'm surprised that there haven't been more explorable locations where you have to move through water. I would think something like the bathhouse in Spirited Away (by Hayao Miyazaki) would be a good location too. In either of those locations I wouldn't expect rituals to involve the people who live in the area. I'd expect them to involve the travellers that might frequent them (like the Kusabi in the 2nd game).

In the series so far, most of the characters don't go to the haunted location by choice. If it is by choice it's to find someone whose gone missing. I'd like to see a game where a character more like Kunihiko Asou is the main character. Someone who is an occultist and trying to find a way to see the "other side". Maybe they've been looking for a while for a true camera obscura and once they finally get one make their way to a supposed haunted location to test it out. It could be a folklorist, going to study the downfall of some old world village. Perhaps they are with a college group doing an archaelogical dig of an old destroyed shrine in a crumbling village.

#6 OFFLINE   BabsDoProd


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Posted 30 May 2017 - 01:49 AM

I had a few ideas towards the end of my FF5 Final Thoughts video:


One of the things was a switch to a US location. I have to say though, that underground city idea would be pretty good too! :)

#7 OFFLINE   Hex


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Posted 30 May 2017 - 09:30 PM

Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of it being a Fatal Frame game though?  I don't think they could capture the same look or feel unique to Japan if they set it in the west, and losing Shinto beliefs and rituals would probably be it for me.

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#8 OFFLINE   Kenshin 4

Kenshin 4

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Posted 22 June 2017 - 01:27 AM

Fatal Frame games covers the following places:

1- Haunted Mansion
2- Haunted Village
3- Dreams
4- islands/ hospital
5- Mountain/ forest
6- Dairy

What i would like them to explore:

1- Missing Ship.
2- Haunted hotel.
3- Video game ( if you play the game you well be cursed and if you die in the game you will die in real life )

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