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FF1 Keeps Freezing on Xbox 360

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#1 OFFLINE   ナガクラ


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Posted 02 June 2016 - 04:38 AM

So I got this game like a week or so ago. No damage to the disc (very light and very minimum scratches) that is any worse than my copy of DOA3 (which is a lot worse compared to my FF1 copy so take my word for it). All my other OG Xbox games work but for some reason the 360 has issues with just this game.

I'm aware of the issues like at least 2 cutscenes not showing (just audio) but in my situation cutscenes skips during each one. It freezes during pre rendered ones as well then it just continues. I loaded my save then it froze as I was about to open a door. It happened again after some minutes of gameplay when I made some progress now I've lost like 5 minutes worth of progress. It doesn't sound bad but I should't be having problems like this. Anybody else having issues like this on the 360? As I said before, the game is in very good condition and in a lot better condition than my copy of DOA3 which my 360 has no problem with. It skips cutscenes during them, pre- rendered cutscenes have a hard time playing, the game refuses to load when i open doors making it freeze.

360 - North American (first gen model)
FF1 Xbox copy - North American

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#2 OFFLINE   Chrysalis


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Posted 04 June 2016 - 05:54 PM

That's really weird, and I'm sorry that you are having trouble with it. I've played my 360 copy numerous times and never had any sort of freezing, just the two cutscenes without visuals. My copy is in fairly good condition, but slightly marked on the underside. I also have the second generation 360 console, but my brother's original 360 didn't have freezing issues with this game either.


I'm wondering if something went wrong when the backwards-compatability emulator for the game installed to your system. It might explain why only that game has issues, but I'm not sure how you would even begin to fix it if that's the problem.

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