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Grivances with the series.

Fatal Frame Series Opinion

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#1 OFFLINE   AnimalLover47999


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Posted 18 November 2015 - 10:28 PM

Okay so...Does anyone have any specific things about the series that it consistantly does that you just can't stand?  Are there any things that the developers or the Nintendo planners do that makes you want to just scream in frustration?  List them off here.  I'll start.


1. A complete lack of touch with their fanbase.  I don't think there's a single person who plays these games who wanted the things they did with the story in 5 (that they thought fans would love).  They have such a huge disconnect from us that they just keep going on and on about these things that they think will make us happy but are so wrong that it just is upsetting.  Likewise I can't think of many people who like ghost hands or the retirement of Mission Mode for gameplay elements that wouldn't work without a lot of re-working and are a horribly bad cross over with a series that doesn't work with Fatal Frame, or a mode that had some potential in the early stages, but was done entirely wrong once they started actually working on it.


2. The many different times where they either scrap something gameplay or story related for a shallow or nonsensical reason.  The scrapped cutscene with Mio and Mayu at Whisper Bridge in DCB because it was in the same location as another added cutscene, removing the gothic lolita outfit from the game because it was similar to Mayu's default outfit (which never stopped them with 1's outfits), cutting out really cool attacks like Chitose one hit killing you by trapping you in a closet or Miyako knocking the camera out of your hand or the sanity mechanic from the original 2, or the other scrapped game over ending in 2 as well as pretty much everything involving Kureha (with some edits to the story to give a reason for these things happening they could very well have fit the original concepts for her role in while still keeping Itsuki as a primary character.)  These guys come up with some of the most amazing ideas for either tense gameplay elements or fantastic story details and they just get rid of them at the drop of a hat and then mention what they did on a whim in the guidebooks.


3. Never following up on a great gameplay mechanic that they introduced in the last installment.  Unless they are ghost hands or some form of blooming mechanic they always scrap the innovations they make in the series for completely new gameplay elements in the next installment.  It's gotten to the point where it has become hard to really care because if they are only going to use this once and never again why should I praise them when they get it right?  The investigation and peeping system in Deep Crimson Butterfly as well as the three in one usage lens' feature, ghosts appearing randomly when you've finished picking up an item, and ghost hands sometimes being actual ghosts are all fantastic ideas and are implemented really well and you'd think that in the next installment they'd take these things and make them even better by adding to them.  But instead they completely drop these things except for keeping a very shallow form of the ghost hands and investigation mechanic.  Likewise when the next game comes around Mitori, Reihen, Wetness (in some form) and tracing will all be gone and we'll never see them again in any form.  It's incredibly disappointing when they create great gameplay features that strengthen the tension and Horror but then get rid of them in the next installment just so they could come up with another new style in some sort of never ending cycle.


4. The increased focus on fanservice in the series.  This doesn't need too much explaining but this is a Survival Horror franchise, not a sexual gratification game.  Ignoring the fact that the fanservice is always objectifying the women and the men are never seen in anything revealing at all, There should not be any overt fanservice that is constantly being pushed in your face when you are wanting to be scared.  Bikinis, bondage, topless ghosts, incredibly unrealistic jiggle physics, and now in 5 clear panty shots all do not belong in this type of game and with each new game we get' the focus on the fanservice becomes more and more, while the focus on Horror becomes less and less.  It's even worse with the new and much less fitting Dead or Alive art style which makes the character models and especially the ghosts look incredibly unrealistic and like they're made of some weird impossible to create material and just flat out cartoony on top of being super sex appealish.  When it gets to the point that the story suffers because of the fanservice, and people stop playing these games for Horror and start playing them for sex appeal and refuse to buy the game because a (Nasty) outfit got replaced with a much better one then there's a big problem that needs to be addressed right away.




These are pretty much all the constant things they do wrong for me so that's it for now.


What about the rest of you?

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#2 OFFLINE   ナガクラ


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Posted 18 November 2015 - 11:13 PM

I'm pretty sure Emi closed similar topics (here and here)

Anti-Operation Zero

#3 OFFLINE   FiliusMartis


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Posted 23 November 2015 - 08:49 AM

I understand that some people aren't happy with the most recent game or games, but threads like this generally just lead to arguing and hurt feelings. We also don't need multiple threads that do nothing but negatively criticize the games. If you want to discuss specific aspects of the game(s), that can be done in individual topics, so I am going to close this thread for now.

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