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Fic: Tall Lady: The Final Battle

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Posted 05 November 2015 - 07:59 AM

Months have passed. There used to be active concurrences at Mt. Hikami but now things have died down. It no longer became a suicide spot. However, there have been reports of sightings of a very tall woman at night. I like doing research of the paranormal on my spare time. I would sometimes end up spending many nights just reading paranormal stories or going on investigations of my own. Nobody believe me when I tell them about ghosts. They just shrug it off or laugh like I'm crazy. I've always wanted to go to Mt. Hikami. I would always hold it off because of it being too dangerous but now I feel like it's safer that the constant reports have stopped. 

I wake up one night with my head down on my desk. The sound of rain fills the air. The only light brightening the room was my computer screen. I stand up from my chair and looked out the window. I could see Mt. Hikami from a distance. Just as I turned to my bed a notebook falls from my bookshelf next to my window. Its a notebook full of my notes and online print outs about the Tall Woman of Mt. Hikami. "I should do more research from the locals.". I put the notebook away and went to bed. Just as I was about to fall asleep. "Heh heh heh heh heh....."  I heard something disturbing that sound like it came from a distance. I bolted out of bed and looked where the sound was coming from but no one was there. "Thats it, I'm going." I changed cloths and left my home on my way to the mountain. It took a good while but I've reached my destination.

It was cold and wet. I could barely see anything 10 ft away from me because of the mist. As I walk further in I could see a bridge in front of me. As I cross it I could see what looks to be an old run down Inn. I could see a set of steps with a broken Torii at the top. I decided to take this route. Further up I could see a woman from far away but there was something odd about her. She was tall as a tree. "I found you!" I ran after her as fast as I would but it seems like shes going further and further away. I was stopped by a large fence. The gap at the bottom is too small for me to slip through. I would get stuck. "Well good thing I came prepared" I took out cutters from my backpack and cut my way through the fence. 

As I explored further deep into the mountain, the air got colder than it was a minute ago, I wouldn't help but feel like someone is watching me. I had developed a habit of looking behind me once in a while. I could hear a light thump to my right. I followed the sound off track from the lanterns. I didn't wanted to but I'm so close of finding her so I left the trail of lanterns into the darkness. I started hearing the thumps again, I looked to my right and could see someone tall walking away. Ran after her. 

"So much water...." I've reached a large area filled with stone and water. I slowly walk into the water and make my way around. The water reaches up to my waist. After a while I got lost and was freezing to my limit. I could see a large cherry blossom tree from a distance. I decided to take a break there. "Maybe this was a mistake. I think I should have waited until a night when its not raining." I was regretting my decision of coming here. I was soaked in freezing water. I was lost. No way of contact. I was desperate of showing everyone that I wasn't crazy. I was really seeing things. I looked up at the tree as I sat there freezing I could die here. The rain drops run through my face as I look up. I close my eyes in hopes that this was all a dream and that I was back home in my warm bed. Will I die here? Will no one find me? I should have left a note.... "You will never escape..."  A deep voice could be heard from a distance. The thumping sounds started again. Except this time they are getting louder and louder with each thump. I stood up and looked at the direction where the sounds were coming from. A very tall woman was walking my may. "Its her!" She poked her head through the trees. I was scared of her that I couldn't mode. There was nothing I could do but look at her. Her head tilts to the side. Her long white dress is longer than any I've seen before. My teeth began to chatter. My legs began to shake. My breathing started to be heavy in fear. She's here.....

She looked down at me like I was a bug she could squish with her hand. I managed to take a step back then took another. I hit a stone behind me with my back then heard a click of a camera. "Of course... I brought that camera with me." I took it out and as I did she swing her arm at me against the wooden gate breaking it. I dropped it at the same spot where I was standing. She came closer to me and made her next attack making another swing. I dodged it just to grab the camera. "Heh heh heh heh heh." Her deep laugh bolted a chill down my spine. I backed away a little only to slip on a stone hidden in the water behind me. I fell in the water. The freezing water coming up to my neck. She came for another attack like a monster. The camera made an alarming sound, I flinched, the camera flashed and she reacted as if it hurt her. She let out a loud scream, louder than a lion's roar. This was her territory and I crossed the line by coming here. I was her target. I stood up and ran away as I could through the water to get away. "You will never leave..." She grabbed my leg and dragged me back to her. I was under water the whole time she dragged me. I was scared of losing breath. As I returned to the surface for air her face was right in front of me with a sinister smile mouth wide open. I flashed my camera at her. She lifted me. I was hanging from one leg. I felt like it was about to pop from my knee. She brought me closer to her face. I managed to snap a picture. She dropped me.

My head is aimed to the grown, at this height I will crack my skull. I shut my eyes. Something broke my fall. Her hand was under me. She tilt it so I could get off. She looked at me. She had a lonely expression on her face. I touched her hand then got a vision. A little girl could be seen. She seems lonely. Two people I could assume to be her parents were holding her hands one on each side walking down like a normal happy family under a cherry blossom tree. It flashed to what I would think would be the future. She is crying. She is standing in front of her family grave. She was the only one there. Another flash into the future. Kids were making fun of her height. She towered compared to the rest of the kids her age. She was twice larger than the rest. No one wanted to come anywhere near her like if she had some illness. Another vision into the future what I would assume to be her adult years due to her matching height. She is crying under a cherry blossom tree just like before. I believe this is the same tree I encountered her. "I'm lost. Cold and hungry. No one will come find me. No one will miss me. Everyone would be happy with me gone. No one loves me. But that doesn't matter anymore. I've found the tree. The tree I remembered as a little girl with my parents. I am here once again. At least I know they would still love me.... even like this. Even if I never leave or could find my way out of this mountain at least I can still be happy that I found the tree. Our special place. The last time I remember being happy and not alone before they died. I will stay..... here..... with them."

A warm tear runs down my cheek. I understood her pain. I feel like she could sense that we had something in common. She faded away. She found peace and was able to move on. The rain stopped. Dawn began to light my surroundings. I was able to see clearly as the mist cleared away. I found my way out of the mountain. I felt like it was fate that brought us together. She wanted to warn me and tell me to leave. She came to help me. Before I left, I took one last look then smiled. "Good bye"

Ending song

Inspiration of the fic
Basically, it was still raining outside tonight so I felt like playing the game. I decided to encounter Tall Lady for the first time sense I knew how to avoid her during my first run which was stay far away from the cherry blossom tree and go around it. I remembered how much of an impact she had of GirlGamerGab's Let's Play a year ago. She was scared of her. When she appeared at the antique shop she was terrified like her childhood nightmares came back to get her in the real world. The encounter was due to influences I was having while listening to "Omnis Lacrima" (Latin for "Behemoth") from Final Fantasy XV. The flashback was influenced from listening to "Somnus" Violin ver. (Latin for "Sleep") another track from the same Final Fantasy game. I kinda molded Tall Lady's backstory from JAMOSA's song "Love Ain't Easy". First few versus that include "They hated me, they hurt me, ---- a piece is missing from my heart"

Who is the main?
Thats up to you, it could be you as the reader that want to lose yourself in Mt. Hikami one more time before letting go of the game or someone you have molded in your mind as you read through. Male or female, its up to you homie!

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Posted 05 November 2015 - 08:20 AM

AAAAH. I love this ;v;

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