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English Dub Discussion

Fatal Frame V Localization Voice Actors Opinion

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#1 OFFLINE   ナガクラ


    Lingering Shadow

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Posted 27 October 2015 - 07:44 PM

Sense names are a big spoiler for whatever reason I'll just leave this here.

Whenever something gets dubbed the first reaction is"*hiss* English" or "OMG! Its so different!! My ears are bleeding!". After completing this game with all endings (even Ayane's story mode) the dub isn't that bad as everyone makes it out to be from just sample clips. I've heard many dubs over the years both good and bad thanks to Funimation's early days and 4Kids. I have encountered some odd mixing issues in the English dub like in Miu's ending when she accepts that she cant be with Miku her line "Lies" has a weird echo while in the Japanese version there isn't any, just her voice alone with no echos and the rest of the scene is done with just her voice with no echo effects. THere is an inconsistency in voice directing in another of Miu's scenes too when she would be talking normally then the very next line she says shes too loud making it sound like shes yelling. These things are minor but usually happen to Miu's English dub. They seem to add a bit too much echo on some lines that used them in the Japanese version. With some mixing slips its not too bad in the mixing department.

Another thing I want to note about the English dub is Miu and Ren's ghost hand reactions are silent. I haven't played the game with Japanese voices but if I remember right I'm pretty sure they both have reactions in the Japanese version.


Yuri - I actually like her voice. A lot of people seem to like it from what I've read on Miiverse. 

Miu - Meh, shes alright. Whoever did the voice directing screwed over whoever voiced her. I do like her voice in most scenes. Her earlier scenes are iffy but her overall performance delivered. 

Ren - Might be one of the best out of the group. I dont know who could have done a better job. I wouldn't be surprised if he had previous acting jobs.

Rui - I think whoever voiced Rui did a good job. Like her Japanese actor they both make the boyish illusion work with their performance. THere are people on Miiverse who still think Rui is a guy halfway in. Accomplishment obtained!

Hisoka - I'm not sure why people have a hard time with her English voice. I think its perfect for an English speaking counterpart. I like her voice because it fits similar to Mitsuru from Persona 3 who has similar characteristics as Hisoka. A guidance character who acts an an elder to the player. 

Miku - I believe Miku got a very good voice actor this time around. Better than Rumiko and Kim from previous games. I like her voice a lot in this game. Its something I've been wishing she would have for this game. Now if only Tecmo could release a HD Collection replacing her previous two voices with her or maybe a complete redub of the original trilogy with her as Miku in 1 and 3..

Fuyuhi - Ehh, I can understand why people hate it. People dont like her putting to much emphasis on the "ru" in Haruka's name making it sound like "Haruuuuka". ANother issue people have is her singing. My impressions from her in the Japanese version is her character is timid, lost, and not sure of herself of what she should do. She desperately wants to find her friend but is all out of options and leaves to find her herself. Her English voice isn't perfect but its not terrible ether. I could tell the actress did what she could to capture her character. The singing controversy is a hit or miss. I would like to know what happened during recording. Whoever directed her singing made her go too high that it probably put a strain in the singing. 

Haruka - I like the pick for Haruka's actress. She did a good job with that she had to work with even though she barely has any lines compared to Fuyuhi. I would like to know what other acting jobs she has. 

Ouse Kurosawa - I like the mellow tone in her voice. It brings out the loneliness her character has. 

Asou - There isn't much I can say. Its a decent voice. THis might be a bias because I dont like Asou's inclusion in this game's story but his voice is fine as it is.

Shiragiku - I was a little iffy about her on early scenes. She sounds too deep for a child around the age of 5-7 years old. Her voice does grow on you during the game so I didn't mind it as much anymore by the end of the game.

Sexy Grannies - Mushroom Granny has a very deep voice, I've grown to like her actually. Hood Granny has a elderly voice kinda like if shes croaking. 

Minor characters and Ghosts - For the most part the voices for minor characters are what you would expect for minor characters. In this game in particular most minor characters just have screams, grunts, and other types of sounds. There are a handful of other characters that do have lines but they dont really talk all that much. The ghosts are what you can expect from a Fatal Frame game. You can actually hear what they are saying this time unlike Fatal Frame 4. 

Overall, I like the dub. Its pretty decent. It has its hiccups in the mixing and voice directing here and there but its pretty good in comparison to the original trilogy. I dont know who else could have voice the characters after finishing the game completely in the English dub. THe acting gets better over time and it does grow on you. Feel free to share your thoughts if you yourself have finished the game with the ENglish dub.

Anti-Operation Zero

#2 OFFLINE   sencho


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Posted 27 October 2015 - 08:50 PM

The tall ladys dub is slightly more creepy than her original voice.
Esp when the camera isn't focused on her laughter, it becomes all muddy and /SHUDDERS.

I also love Yuuri's and Hisoka's voices. They fit so well.

#3 OFFLINE   koko


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Posted 29 October 2015 - 08:03 PM

The only thing that really disappointed me was the fact that the English dub removed the children's song in Chapter 1, I think it is? Outside of the doll shrine or whatever it's called. In the Japanese version, they sing the same song the children in Fatal Frame 1 sang during the 2nd night. 


In the English version, they don't. It was such a nice reference.

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