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if Sae and Yae successful escape from the village

Fatal Frame II Sae Kurosawa Yae Kurosawa Speculation

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#1 OFFLINE   roventiar


    Innocent Bystander

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Posted 20 July 2015 - 08:41 AM

I wonder if sae did't fall and escape from the village with Yae 


what will gonna happen next? what do you think?

#2 OFFLINE   Yashuu



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Posted 20 July 2015 - 02:34 PM

Same as before really, except neither would haunt the village post-repentance (besides maybe as dual remorseful spirits, like Yae is in game ). In fact I think there's a Priest's spirit stone where they say they should have let Sae escape, because without Yae it was doomed to fail anyway.

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#3 OFFLINE   Eiko82


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Posted 20 July 2015 - 06:49 PM

Well, the village would've been doomed for sure.


#4 OFFLINE   TomoChan


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Posted 21 July 2015 - 05:38 PM

most likely yes it would've failed without twins. I guess the antagonist would've been good ol Einst-Kusabi?


#5 OFFLINE   FeraN


    Missing Person

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Posted 24 July 2015 - 05:58 PM

Interesting question, got me thinking around different possibilities and how it would have even affected - when forgetting that FF1 actually came out first - the later events of the series story. As for FF2, as others have said before the village would have been pretty much finito the moment girls escaped. How that would affect the events of FF2 is another question, whether Mayu would have pressured to pursue the ritual even without Sae's influence, and whether some parts of the Kurosawa twins would have stayed behind like Yae's remorseful part of spirit did. Kusabi would probably be the big bad evil in Sae's absence, but otherwise the events of the game could have possibly happened somewhat altered.


Now as for Sae and Yae, I'm more interested in what would happen outside the village. Imagining that both girls managed to escape, they'd hightail the heck out of there and most likely to meet Ryozo as promised. That is, if they didn't get lost on their way and run into someone else instead, but it would be more likely that they knew where they were heading. Now this is where two different routes would open, depending on whether the girls would lose their memories like Yae originally did, or not.


If they were around the area as Repentance happened and would lose their memories, what would happen to them next? Ryozo would most likely find them from the forest, and take them with him like he did with Yae originally. Considering the twin's strong bond, they'd stick together even so, and rely on each other when the nightmares and past ghosts haunt them. Maybe try to figure out what happened, search on the area, or just stay side by side and let Ryozo take care of them. I'd also wonder whether Yae and Ryozo would get close as they did in original, as Yae wouldn't be alone anymore as she had Sae with her, and it wouldn't be such intimate relationship between only Yae and Ryozo anymore, as he'd have also Sae to take care of. Considering their flirty looks in FF2, however, I doubt there would be much difference, they'd most likely still feel attracted to each other and without the burden of the past Yae could easily fall for him during her stay. What would become of Sae, then? Without doubt she'd stay by Yae's side and probably cling to her like she always did due to their connection which I think memory loss would not be able to completely erase. Would she marry at some point too then, move away and live her happy life? I can't really see Sae leaving Yae's side at her own will, as she has wanted to be one with her since day one. Either Yae would understand her sister's feelings and keep her around even when she and Ryozo would marry and move away - or, she'd suggest Sae to find a man for herself too and settle down to create a new happy life ahead of her. Sae, while herself would not like the idea, could seemingly follow it for Yae as she'd want to keep her sister happy and has always been willing to follow Yae's ideas without clear objection - even if she tried to cut their escape plan in her own way. She could try something similiar too, hurting herself so that Yae would take care of her and keep her close. In this case, it'd connect Sae to events prior FF1 as she'd have most likely moved to the Himuro mansion with Yae and Ryozo as well, and her niece. When Yae would have been driven to her suicide, it'd most likely break Sae's world as well, maybe even have her commit suicide as well to be together with her sister in death.


If Sae and Yae didn't forget anything, however, it sets things for possibly different route. After escaping from the village they'd meet Ryozo like promised, and he'd then take them away from the forest. He might try to ask bit about what happened back there, but Yae and Sae would most likely keep everything to themselves. Maybe they'd make a promise to never look back again and leave the past behind as well, to find a new life together as free they were. They'd most likely try to get away from the area as far as possible, at least Yae would. Sae, like she often showed in the game, would simply follow Yae to be together with her no matter what happened or whenever they went. They also might not want to be connected to the Minakami village and then be questioned about its disappearance, and also to protect Sae, Yae would want to take her away from their childhood area as fast as she could, also in case for possible pursuers from the village. Ryozo would offer to help them, as the girls would be facing outside world without money or knowledge of the area. This also offers a chance for two different option; either the girls would eventually part with Ryozo and disappear to the world, or he and Yae would get married like before. I like to think that with the burden of the past, and having to take care of Sae, Yae might not be as open to Ryozo as originally. If anything, I could see the girls shutting to themselves and relying mostly on each other due to their bond and their promise. Yae might very well focus mostly on Sae and leave with her, thus changing the events to FF1 completely. Quite fascinating idea~


However, IF the girls stayed with Ryozo, let's say Yae did fall for him and wanted to pursue a new happy life with him compared to past, it could more or less follow the lines of what could happen if they had lost their memories. Sae would even more desperately wanting to keep close to Yae, the only reason for her to leave their home behind. There would be nothing else for Sae in this new world. If anything, I'd think Sae would feel quite quilty over escaping, leaving everyone else to die and dooming the village, not to mention not becoming one with Yae as she wished. It could lead to nightmares, depression, perhaps even suicide though I wouldn't see her wanting to leave Yae's side. Yae, knowing her sister's burden, would take care of her and keep her close, as they had promised to remain together. Sae would most likely feel jealous for Yae's and Ryozo's relationship, with Yae focusing on someone else and seemingly growing apart just like Sae had always feared. Would it drive Sae to desperate actions? Mmmm, hard to say, more like she would keep being by Yae's side and be pretty miserable most of time, even if being with her sister makes her happy. Because Sae can't lie to herself; she never wanted to escape, never wanted this new life and wanted to go through the ritual Yae so much hated. Knowing that they had left their village to die, especially after the news about the village going missing would surface, Yae would also feel remorse, but eventually convince herself that it was for her and Sae, and for a chance for something new. Doubt might forever eat her inside, but otherwise I think Yae would be the one out of them to pursue new life and leave past behind, trying to get Sae to do so too. Marrying Ryozo, getting Mikoto, and moving to Himuro mansion like before, it'd once more take route towards FF1, and both girls' deaths.


So in any case, had Yae and Sae escaped the village I think they would still have had quite sad end to their story, as it seems to be in that family branch ;D Whether they'd lose their memories or not, and whether it'd lead the events of FF1, the possibilities surrounding this scenario are many in number and interesting to explore~ I'd love some alternative novels on the topic!

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