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The Best/Worst Fatal Frame?

Fatal Frame Series Opinion

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#1 OFFLINE   Sweetいも


    Kid Playing Tag

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Posted 13 July 2015 - 11:08 PM

I was shuffling around the internet when I found this Kotaku post: http://kotaku.com/le...orst-1650187922


They list their favorites and such and who they think is the worst. I didn't agree with it...I love FF3. I think it's one of the best in the series. I love how it brings everything together, and I think it recycles, what, four/five rooms out of the three/four levels of rooms it already has? I didn't find it repeticitive at all and I thought the scares were solid, espeically when they started to come into Rei's actual house. I agree with FF2 being the best, but I may be biased since that's the one that's really pushed in the US as the top dog.


I personally find FF4 to be the worst. <<


I expected more scares, a crazier story, and it fell flat to me. I mean, they're in a hospital. I wanted it to be crazy! And the story just seemed so flat compared to strangling ritual (one invloving ripping off the girls damn limbs), blinding, and piercing ritual. And we get dance practice gone wrong. I don't hate the game it's self, but it's not my favorite.


Do you guys have a favorite? One you just can't stand? Or do you just love 'em all?

#2 OFFLINE   TomoChan


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Posted 14 July 2015 - 12:02 AM

I don't hate any of them....Just some parts in each game,That I could live without seeing or playthroughing. 1 was at first frustrating to me. But after I learned tricks and the ways of Blinded. I got okay at it. 2 I beat the crap out of time and time again. 3 I absolutely loved. 4 Was fun,but I guess too many plot holes and lack of random ghost encounters made it less appealing to me I suppose. 5 I have and beaten constantly. I enjoyed it too.


#3 OFFLINE   yuki


    Crimson Butterfly

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Posted 22 January 2016 - 10:53 PM

Fatal Frame 1 : Classic, Hard and Dark, the milestone of Saga
Fatal Frame 2 : my favourite, everything is pure Fatal Frame, music,characters, scenarios, everything ! 
Fatal Frame 3: interesting mix of dream and reality with great idea of house in night hours :) moving and poetic final ( all 2 finals )
Fatal Frame 4 : dark all first part, great idea of more playable characters but easy fighting and limited scenario ( well done places off course, typical great detail for everything)
Fatal Frame 5: no comment, I can't play it for now because I havent Wii-U again

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#4 OFFLINE   AnimalLover47999


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Posted 23 January 2016 - 07:51 PM

Best to worst list.


Best.  Fatal Frame III tied with Deep Crimson Butterfly

Next.  Fatal Frame 1 tied with Fatal Frame IV

Next.  Fatal Frame II

Worst. Fatal Frame V.


None of the games are bad but V really doesn't sit well with me on most aspects of the game.  The combat is great and really fun, the environments are gorgeous, and Yuuri and Hisoka are some of the best characters in the franchise despite their unfocused development.  But everything else is a step back from the previous games for me, especially in regards to the story and the ghosts.  Whereas the original Fatal Frame II was solid in the story and ghosts and had fun but not very Horrorish gameplay, 5 has a very halfhearted story and shallow ghosts but has much more aggressive gameplay.  The trade off in more fun gameplay isn't worth it for the bare bones ghosts and the extremely unfocused and lacking story.  I'd like to say that if they hadn't put Miu's completely unnecessary and unwanted story arc into the game then the parts of the story that need more focus would have gotten it but I'm honestly not sure at this point with where their mindsets were creatively in this game.

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#5 OFFLINE   Kenshin 4

Kenshin 4

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Posted 23 January 2016 - 08:25 PM

For me the best is Fatal Frame 5 because of the perfect control, Great charcters, interesting ghost stories, awesome graphics and setting.while the worst is Fatal Frame 1 because of that stupid ending ( everything else is perfect ).

#6 OFFLINE   Yashuu



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Posted 24 January 2016 - 11:11 PM

3 is 100% my favourite, for a large variety of reasons, but the main one is the whole atmosphere and feeling of the game- it's so unusual. Whereas the majority of horror games have an atmosphere that can basically be summed up as "scary" with some other elements thrown in, FF3 has this atmosphere that's calm/tranquil/claustrophobic/cold/dreamy/isolated/invasive/creeping all at once, and this central theme/feeling is carried through all aspects of the game. I can't say I've encountered a similar atmosphere in any other pieces of media, and so it has a really special place in my heart.
And then 5 is easily the worst, even including Spirit Camera  :icon_fallenwoman:
I just think it's a mess really, and unfortunately a really dull one. The vast majority of locations are very pretty, but fail wholly in terms of feeling like actual places with relevance to the narrative and gameplay, and instead just feel like backdrops to fight ghosts in. The story was just completely undeveloped and again, paper thin, and also the whole Miku thing was awful. I did like the combat overall to be fair, and a lot of the ghost designs were neat, if often poorly executed in terms of modelling, animation and styling.
I think my complete list would be 3 > 4 = 1 = DCB > 2 > SC > 5. 
(As an aside, that Kotaku list may as well be a list of personal insults for how much it offends me, but this accusation in particular really riles me up: "The three are pulled into the Manor of Sleep when they sleep—a place largely made up of locations from the first two games' mansion and village, respectively.". Like, this is just literally wrong. Using a map I decided to count it up because, you know, I care about FF3 that much. I counted 14 rooms that belong to All God's or Himuro, out of 96 rooms in total (Not including anything in the cave systems behind the manor either) - that's 14.6% of rooms reused, so I'd like to know what school Kotaku man went to where that counts as "largely".)

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#7 OFFLINE   ナガクラ


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Posted 27 January 2016 - 10:05 AM

Best - Fatal Frame 5 - I had a lot of fun with this and its so pretty being the first HD Fatal Frame game~
Next - Fatal Frame 4 - My personal favorite. THe story, atmosphere  and the music is very nice (that box puzzle though).
Mid - Fatal Frame 1 - This one has to be in the middle because I am very bias and will put it in first place no matter what but for this it will be in the middle. I love it for being the first game to actually scare me within a short amount of time and getting to the end for the first time is worth it because it was hard (PS2 ver. anyways, heard the Xbox ver. spoils you with healing items).
Worst runner up: Fatal Frame 3 - I liked it for what it is but at the same time I really dont like the pacing (and the horrid amount of documents to read most of them being 10 pages long).
Worst: Fatal Frame 2 - At one point this was my 2nd fav after Fatal Frame 1 but at some point 100%ing this game 3 times I started to hate it.

Until they make another spin off I cant comment about Spirit Camera. I dont think its fair to compare a spin off to a main series game. I did like Spirit Camera though, I wish they make a sequel without the AR smut and let us make original characters like you can in Silent Hill Book of Memories.

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#8 OFFLINE   Meital


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Posted 12 October 2016 - 05:39 PM

I think "worst" is a bit too harsh word, but here are my favorites in order;


Fatal Frame 2: Simply because it is the first game I played from the series and because of that, it has most emotional connection to me. I really liked the story and I think it didn't have that many plot holes. I liked how it didn't had too many different rituals and such (like FF5 had, but I'll get more to that later) --  the Repentance and Crimson sacrifice ritual was enough for me. I love the atmosphere and characters and I think overall it has great balance. Horror part of the game is a bit outdated these days, but at the time when it came out it was super scary! 


Fatal Frame 5: There is many things I don't like in FF5 (Ghost marriage, Asou part - mainly because I think the love story was a bit too much, too many characters to mess up with the story, MikuxMafuyu.. for example) but let's not focus on that. The game itself is very beautiful, characters looks amazing, I like the amount of gore there is, there is blood and I really like the suicide theme in it. I'd actually would liked it more if it would be more focused on the suicides and the forest itself. Also I was super happy that they actually did show emotions. I mean, in Fatal Frame series that has been almost the only thing I would like to have more. See the emotions on their faces (little gasp -face isn't enough xD). Also the controllers worked nicely, I liked the gloomy weather, glancing ghosts.. But I didn't like the chapter thing (it doesn't have that much replay value, because you can choose which chapters you like to play --- if you want to get all the ending you only need to play the last chapter :c )


Fatal Frame 3: I love the tattoo curse. And actually the whole thing between dream world and reality. The whole game has same creepy atmosphere as Fatal Frame 2 and I really REALLY like Fatal Frame 3, BUT -for me- it has way too much reading and I really kind of secretly wish they would have added Mio insted of Kei (<- because I love FF2 so much and Mio had the curse anyways, so it would be interesting and heartbreaking and sad and aaaallllll the emotions). I don't know if it's because I haven't played it THAT many times (as FF2) but feel like I'm having hard time to keep up where was I when I last time played. But that's just me :D




Fatal Frame 4: Haven't played it, but the ranking is based on the walktrough I've watched. I love the hospital theme in it and overall it seems like a awesome game to play. I don't like Wii controllers though.


Fatal Frame 1: Haven't played this one either. I  have it, but I don't have working first Xbox and it doesn't work on my xbox360 so I've only seen it as a walktrough. So I can't say anything about this one.

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#9 OFFLINE   Hex


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Posted 25 October 2017 - 12:53 PM

I love 'em all but 3 is easily their best.  It's hard to believe they made it in 2 years right after FF2, it's so much deeper than what they'd done before.  They did a lot of research into customs around the country and it shows.  All the imagery and themes come together to make a really unique horror game.  Pair that with slick gameplay, some fun unlockables (cat accessories!) and sidequests (*foams at the mouth*) and you've done it.  


On the other hand 4 is my favourite.  It's far too ambitious for its own good but I love it anyway.  If you take your time around the game you'll see how committed they were to details and the moon/cloud motif.  I'd say it's even the most detailed, It's gorgeous and modern and fancy and I just love Rougetsu island.  They tried something different with the characters being tied directly to the events of the past too and it paid off.  It's not without flaws but damn if it's not great.


2's never been a highlight for me.  I'm still not sure why that is.  I think it's because Mio and Mayu's relationship is the story but it's one that just goes round and round and round.  I've never really found the twin story compelling, Minakami that interesting to explore or the scares particularly terrifying.  I've come to appreciate the atmosphere but it's no FF3 or 4.


5 has serious issues.  It had so many promising elements that were thrown away in favour of blasting up the combat, appealing to the wrong crowd with fan service, taking away replayability (ghost list and mission mode rip) and generally crafting a linear "no you can't go there for reasons" action game with (actual quote) "horror elements".  On the other hand you cannot deny the potential.  The setting is well crafted, the game pad actually worked as a tilting controller, Glancing can't be gushed about enough, some ghost designs were really great and it's beautiful.  Objectively the worst for sure but does enough to still get me interested and invested.

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#10 OFFLINE   Rheo



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Posted 27 October 2017 - 12:00 PM



1, 2, 4?


Uh, I think it's okay so far but I find 4 kinda really interesting imo.



3, 5


Tbh, well ... 3 has been prettily decent but now I'm already turned off by 5... The connection between these, now i just don't know anymore. 5... I don't want that

the "intention" to show eroticism through the concept of water, and






2, 3


Now, I just don't want it to be feeling left out by the story alone, so I will comment on my perspective about how this makes the game best and worst. So... for 2 and 3 they're pretty decent, and I've seen the gameplay videos of 1 so I think that's quite difficult to grasp but also a good way to implement such a scare factor to the player. I've seen bits of 5's gameplay having improvements but that I'm not so sure overall. 





I complained in my topic here in this forum just about how I'm having trouble with this. And I don't like it. Maybe I hate it, but that's simply putting it too much lol


Haven't played 1 and 5 so can't tell




Best: 2 this one just won twice so I suppose it's fair to put it here?

Worst: Idk, coz I'm just missing out few of these games. Also, until I complete 4 soon... It wouldn't be next year.


Anyway, overall part... is probably just me, since everyone has different opinions about the games.

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#11 OFFLINE   GregZerO


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Posted 27 October 2017 - 03:34 PM

Definetly the worst game in the series is FFV,it is so souless,a reharsh of everything we've seen,more action oriented,everything is boring,some awful missions,bad pacing,mostly bad designs ughhh.Don't get me wrong I did enjoy it,it was a Fatal Frame game after all,but comparing it with the other games in the series looks so empty & wrong to me.It has its momments,but in general it was an (expected) disappointment.As Hex said,yes it does enough to make me too, interested and get invested,it just breaks the record for me,cause all the previous games in the series are special for me.


Now about the best one in the series its so hard for me to choose really but I feel that FF3 is the best objectively,its the dream game of a Fatal Frame fan,its big,full of secrets,great atmosphere,beautiful story and relations,ties all the previous games together in a great way,its just perfect.The only downside I can find is the fact that it played too safe,didn't try anything really new.The setting was very similar with the previous games for reasons I know  but when you get a whole new turn in terms of setting and ideas with what FF4 did for example it only makes me feel that,they just played too safe.Great though,cause they made a perfect game,it was deeper,bigger but after FF1 & FF2 it just didnt give you at least to me,a sense of progression,which isn't always a bad thing ofcourse( Cause look what FFV did) but when I look at FF4,there I see positive progression.


And as of FF4,it felt that the game was getting in a new direction,it was progressing,new setting,new dates,diferrent ideas,added some western elements too,which felt great,especially after the end of the trilogy,it was a new generation for Fatal Frame.4 has actually my favourite setting of all the games,its gorgeous,with huge details,a beautiful (confusing) storyline and it is the only game that literally made me look in the ceilling and feeling that I didn't spend my time.From the awsome trailer,to the beautiful cover,to the awsome setting & gameplay,the interesting characters,the new ideas,changing from a brutal ritual to something completely diferrent,with the sickness I just love the feeling of that game.


On the other hand FF2/DCB has a really special place in my heart,its a perfect sequel,with great storyline and the Mio/Mayu bond is great.Mayu being possessed is the best thing ever and the whole everyone is trapped in a circle until the sacrafice gets completed feels so good to my ears,especially when from the momment they got in the Lost Village they are destined to compelte the circle with Mayu's life.its the only game in the series that ghosts threat you (sometimes) like a princess to complete the sacrifice and they just dont want to haunt you and kill you.I mean in the canon ending,you don't even fight the main antagonist,intead she just waits for you to finish it.So yeah I don't know,the whole world of the game might not be THAT big,but its so well made in a twisted way.


Anddd last but not least FF1 is the game that started it all,its the weakest from the first 4 in every way,except the horror aspect,which is something that I miss from the other games.I wish that they had the powerful horror feeling of the first one.Cause they all got way too dreamy sometimes.


So to sum up,objectively FF5 is the worst and probably FF3 is the best,but I can't really choose between my favorite one.FF2-4 are sharing the top spot and FF1 sometimes goes up there too.

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#12 OFFLINE   DecemberMan


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Posted 15 May 2018 - 09:53 PM

First I would like to point out that I love FF above Silent Hill because of the gameplay i.e. the combat. I love how engaging it is, how much skill it can require to pull off some of the more difficult Fatal Frames while still giving you the sense of being disempowered. Now, without further ado, let's get started.
From best to worst:
Fatal Frame 3
I finished this game 5 times so far and yet it still succeeds where no other horror game has managed after so many playthroughs: it maintains tension so overbearing, so suffocating, that I literally have to take breaks (after 2-3 hours) since it is so tiring. I don't know why this particular game has this hold on me. Maybe it's the feeling of not being safe anywhere, not your home or your dreams; unlike other games (with the exception of FF5) Rei can leave her house, visit perfectly safe places, but the curse is still with her (you), still gnawing at her (your) soul. Literally nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Playing it is almost Stockholm Syndrome-ish: I love it for torturing me.
Gameplay wise it is the most polished of the original trilogy. Not as cheap as the first game, not as boringly easy as the second game, it strikes the perfect balance in difficulty. The enemies are varied, some even change their tactics a bit over time and have new moves, wherein in the previous games they remain static.
As for the story, I love how mature it is i.e. the message of "to live on even with the pain" after losing a loved one. Simple, universal, timeless, presented beautifully. Each character is relatable, each character has just enough screen time and is relevant to the overall story. Lots of text to read, but I don't mind since it is all interesting and a lot of it is optional (i.e. the books in Yuu's room). Love Rei.
Fatal Frame 1 = Fatal Frame 4 - ex aequo
FF1: Not much to say here. The original. The least developed gameplay mechanics, story etc. However, the fact that the story is simple, does not mean it's bad. It succeeds at being a tense adventure and it scared me shitless the first time through. Also made me a fan of the series. Don't mess with the OG.
FF4: Oh boy. Incredible potential, marred by huge technical issues and obvious lack of budget and / or time constraints:
- very poor performance (after 2 playthroughs I decided to just play on the emulator, much better),
- game breaking glitches (crashes, freezes, inability to complete the Ghost List),
- many reused audio assets (even moreso than Deep Crimson Butterfly; a lot of ambients are taken straight out of FF3),
- the simple lack of the option of quitting to the main menu (yes, you can reset the application, but the option should be there),
- Choushiro's non-damaging lens seems like a bug workaround than an actual design choice.
Furthermore, multiple other annoying features:
- infuriatingly slow movement speed, even for this franchise; aside from FF5, people in this series shuffle forward instead of running while in FF4 they move so goddamn slow they seem like they're moving in place; the lighthouse part in the end is especially excruciating due to this: I checked that it takes Ruka a solid 3 minutes to "run" to the door at the top from the bottom without stopping,
- many vanishing ghosts linger way too long: it is possible to capture them and then casually walk into them, breaking immersion,
- the best lens in the game, Crush, releases so many particles upon hitting an enemy, it tanks the already poor framerate AND blocks your vision - perfect,
- dodging: good element, but each time Ruka falls down on her butt afterwards and forces me to wave the WiiMote around like an idiot, I WANT the ghosts to kill her ass,
- surprisingly many jump scares in the first 1/3rd of the game; jumpscares aren't scary, they're startling, pls stop,
- there are people who complain that FF3 has too much text to read; they couldn't have played the fourth game, since it has several times more stuff to read and a lot of it seems pointless gibberish in dire need of editing (or the translation is poor).
At the same time the themes (memories, the whole Moon motif), the 3 characters arcs (especially Misaki and Choushiro), the Tsukimori song etc. are almost perfect. Even the modern setting somehow works well in a series wherein the standard setting is an old Edo period manor / village. Tension is still present. Gameplay wise I hate using the WiiMote, so I don't really care it's easy due to the perfect lock on. On Hard and Nightmare there are enough one shotting enemies to make it at least semi difficult.
This game requires a remake more than any other game.
Fatal Frame 5
I only finished it once so far, but I think I have a fairly good grasp about my opinion on it.
While there are entirely too many fighting encounters in this game, the combat is the best in the series (provided you use the motion controls). I fell in love with the combat of this game so much so, that I hated the lack of Mission Mode or any other mode beside Story Mode (Ayane's story does not really count) where the combat is the central focus. It's the Wii's motion controls, but actually done well.
Story wise it's a mess. A good idea, in theory, but in practice it is an anti-FF3: it romanticizes suicide and presents moving forward in your life as a miserable existence. And I'm not even gonna touch upon the Hinasaki subplot son, that is beyond a sh*tshow.
Still, FF5 has the highest production quality of them all, especially in comparison to FF4 and, aside from the main menu song being almost identical to Sleep Priestess, it has almost no reused assets. What's most important, it had tension (Slender Woman... I mean Tall Woman gave me nightmares), I liked the "guard the house" chapters and it was not boring. Unlike the last game(s) on this list...
Fatal Frame 2 = FF2 Deep Crimson Butterfly - ex aequo
FF2: Not scary, almost no tension overall. Even the first time through. Yes, there were segments where there was some tension present (e.g. running away from Sae in the Tachibana house) and brilliant moments (e.g. Sae's and Kusabi's first appearance in the Great Hall), but overall I felt almost nothing. A few people compare it to a fairy tale, but I think FF4 is more fairy tale-ish than this, with the whole poor girl using the power of song to save the day, Choushiro essentially being a white knight etc. So I do not know why that is, but it is boring.
Gameplay wise it is as boring as the rest of the game. The camera is proximity based, which kind of makes sense on paper since most of the encounters are close quarters, but it is not fun to use. Ghosts barely deal any damage to you, they're slow moving and rarely attack.
However, the story is where my true gripe with this game lies. Quoting someone from this forum (can't remember who, sorry):

Crimson Sacrifice.  Given the circumstances, anyone who objects to performing it looks extremely selfish and most of the tragedy is rooted in angsty 2gether 4ever codependency that I don't find compelling.

I agree. Very juvenile approach to life. Extremely irritating. Almost as irritating as Mayu. Jesus, I hate her so much. I'm going to be completely honest here: when I saw Mio strangling her during the Crimson Sacrifice ending I was like "YES! DO IT! DOOOOO EEEEEETTTT!", and afterwards "Why are you crying?! You're finally free of that manipulative b**ch! Rejoice!".
DCB is marginally better overall with some pointless additions, such as the ghost hands, Dark Returns etc. and a few good changes like the ending conditions depending on the player's actions. However, it's a Wii game and uses a WiiMote (which I hate in this series) without having the goddamn common courtesy to give me an option for a perfect lock on like in FF4. Also, the increase in twincest innuendos is not helping.
Overall, a horror game (or any game for that matter) being boring is the worst offence a game can make. While both FF5 and FF2 have horrible issues with their stories (IMO), FF5 edges out FF2 primarily in the gameplay department. And it's not boring. I cannot stress this enough.
That's it, thanks for reading.

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