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Bugs or Intentional Challenge?

Fatal Frame

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11 replies to this topic

#1 Guest_Haise_*

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Posted 24 December 2014 - 07:01 PM

1. So, I started playing FF1 about 4 days ago, and I try to do good on the 1st try with capturing Vanishing Ghosts. But there is a problem. First, I have to mention that I am very bad at fighting ghosts close-range, so I instantly chicken out as soon as one appears and run far away. And that's where the bug comes in. Sometimes when a Vanishing Ghost appears, I pull out the camera, but it shows that the VG has health (like a hostile/attacking ghost) so I instanty run away and by the time I realize it was non-hostile, the VG is gone. 


2. When fighting the Blinded Woman, she appears in front of me, and I try to take a shot with the camera, but it is not perceiving the ghost, even though it's clearly there (I can see her), and the next split second I can "shot" her again, and in the next split second the chance is gone again. It's a neverending nightmare. 


So, are these bugs or what?


Edit: Also, I'm on night 2 at the part with the Hidden Doors/Masks/Garden after Yae boss battle, and I have 5 heal items, 3 or 4 spirit water, is that good or bad at this point? Also, what is the Spirit Mirror good for? 

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#2 OFFLINE   TomoChan


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Posted 25 December 2014 - 04:01 AM

the vanishing ghosts with the health maybe a glitch. Cause I don't remember any vanishing ones with me having a health bar.

and as for the Blind Woman,if you hit her with a non fatal frame shot she will know where you are at and attack you. You have to wait til she says "there's no one here...." and it should give you a fatal shot there. Then she normally appears behind you so just use the quick turn to find her again. And listen out for the specific line she says for a Fatal Frame. I am not too sure if your good with the health items and what not. Cause Fatal Frame 1 is the most challenging one of the series. Just be careful around the hostile ghosts lol. And the spirit mirror? You mean stone mirror? that revives you once your health reaches zero. Or are you referring to those stones you get that are red? those are used for your special lenses. Keep those until Night 3 and buy (if you have enough points) slow. It will help tremendously with a certain ghost.

Edited by TomoChan, 25 December 2014 - 06:38 AM.


#3 Guest_Haise_*

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Posted 25 December 2014 - 10:27 AM

Thank you TomoChan. Yeah I meant the stone mirror lol. I have like 4 lying around in the mansion because I had no idea what was it good for and I can only carry 1. 

Seems like then problem with Blinded is that my game is in slow-motion when fighting (got the game but I can't use it with a broken ps2, so... y'know), but the sound sometimes plays faster than the "motion" so Blinded says her line before she attacks. tl;dr it's hard to calculate when I can actually take a fatal shot. Thank God I defeated her 5 times already [she took down 6 health items the wicked bwitch while the two bosses (man in the altar and Yae) took only 3 xd] and she only attacks one more I heard. Whew.

Wait, if the stone mirror is the revival item, then what is the spirit water good for? I thought that was the revival stuff.

(do you have any tips for night 3 btw, I heard it's a nightmare but I don't want to look up a guide)

#4 OFFLINE   detertake


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Posted 25 December 2014 - 07:46 PM

Spirit water? You must be talking about sacred water. It's a healing item just like a herbal medicine but restore most of you life bar if not all.


3rd night won't be that hard if you have enough healing items but be aware of Himuro Family Master. The guy is fatal especially with his sweet 3 combo slash katana. And there's ALMOST no healing items in 3rd night.

#5 Guest_Haise_*

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Posted 25 December 2014 - 08:33 PM

Keep missing the item names xd. Welp, I have 2 healing items because Blinded was toooo hard for me. I have defeated the Folklorist in the Buddha room since my last post, and I got so frustrated I reloaded the game 5 times xd. I assume Himuro Family Master is that guy in armor with a face that looks like a skeleton and looks more like a zombie-samurai than a ghost, right? One more thing: Is it better to use Herbal stuff even if I have only 1 or 2 left or should I use the Stone Mirror? Or the stone mirror is good for endgame? tl;dr what is better to save: Heal, or Stone Mirror?

Is Himuro FM's Sweet 3 Combo Slash Katanaâ„¢ a one hit KO or just takes away most of my health?

Also, I read that I should max out the basic camera (I only need one more level for each basic stat)  before going for the "specials", but is that a good idea? That special that knocks back/slows down a ghost sounds way too good for a player who likes to fight from far away.

#6 OFFLINE   Hex


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Posted 25 December 2014 - 09:57 PM

If you're running low on health but have plenty Stone Mirrors lying around, then definitely just let them kill you.  I wouldn't touch any of the special functions except "Paralyse" which stops them so you can charge longer and get closer, both doing more damage in the long run.  As for the 3rd Night, I'm sure most Herbal Medicines restock around the place so you can do a general supply run, but make sure you check the mask room and the Narukami Shrine for stronger film.   

#7 Guest_Haise_*

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Posted 25 December 2014 - 11:05 PM

Oh so the items do restock after all. I don't understand why people said Night 3 is low on items, then. Thanks for the tips Hex. 

(Fingers crossed Blinded is not making an appearance Night 3 or I might just jump off a cliff)

#8 OFFLINE   detertake


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Posted 26 December 2014 - 02:02 AM

I'm not sure about restock of healing items in 3rd Night but I always have about 6-8 herbal medicines at the start of 3rd Night, so I never look for herbal medicines too hard. I remember there's one in Burial Room and another one in Observatory of a Tatami Room. Be careful though, most likely Wandering Monk will show up to check on your progress if you roam the mansion aimlessly. Sometimes Bound Man will hang out with Floating Woman in Fireplace, a Longhair Woman will greet you in Fish Tank Room and most likely Three People Killed or Broken Neck will attack you near Narukami Shrine at Forest Path.

Himuro Family Master is a guy in Hannya Mask (it's called Reflection Mask in game actually) with katana. During first fight with him in Buddha Room sometimes he will try to perfom 3 swing attack. He makes a big step and starts to swing his sword like crazy and final swing will hit you eventually since Miku can't run too fast.

I prefer not to use special functions of Camera Obscura, so no sense for me to spend some points to power up them, I only power up basic functions.


Oh, and there's no Blinded Demon in 3rd Night.

Edited by detertake, 26 December 2014 - 10:52 AM.

#9 Guest_Haise_*

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Posted 26 December 2014 - 09:53 AM

Is the Wandering Monk or the Bound Man the really easy and slow ghost? I don't remember. Three people killed is a new ghost right? Never heard about him/them before. Broken Neck is easy (says the one who used 5 herbs last time and still died to her...)

Miku can't run fast. Well, it's Fatal Frame after all. Now imagine her slow run 10times slower in my game. Yep, it's that bad.

So all in all, you basically say fishing for items is not that worth it with all those ghosts. But I only have 2 herbs!!! Seems like I not gonna have a fun time.

THANK GOD Blinded is not present N3. I realized my game has a problem/glitch with teleporting ghosts. They teleport away but that misty aura they have still remains in the place they were before teleporting, that's why I have no idea where they are. And Blinded teleports many times. Great 


 Are these special functions really that bad or they are simply not worth it? 

#10 OFFLINE   detertake


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Posted 27 December 2014 - 10:54 AM

Bound Man is the first and only ghost you ever encountered in this game while you were playing as Mafuyu in intro chapter or intro night. Of course he is a laugh of the ghost in intro night, 1st night and 2nd night but he is more powerful in 3rd night, obviously. Wandering Monk is a... cheater. He really likes to confuse you by teleporting and hiding in walls. You can ran away from him, but later on he may show up in Fish Tank Room with Longhair Beauty and you forced to defeat her in order to proceed to next Headless Priest. It happened to me last time i played. I reloaded the game and first of all I defeated Wandering Monk somewhere in a corridor near the Library and only then I defeated Longhair Woman in Fish Tank Room. Easy. Three People Killed are miserable three ghosties but they are film consuming. They will appear in the beginning of the 3rd night and later on they will show up as random ghosts.

So basically during the 3rd night you have to defeated Himuro FM in Buddha Room, 4 Headless Priests (one in the Cherry Atrium, one in the Abyss, one in some kind of garden and last one in small graveyard somewhere near Narukami Shrine), Longhair Woman in Fish Tank Room and Himuro FM again in the Grand Hall. Of course you can't do this with only 2 healing items, you should at least fish for 2 herbal medicines (Burial Room and Observatory overlooking the Cherry Atrium) and one sacred water in Blinding Room and I don't remember locations of the rest healing items.

Glitch with teleporting ghosts? That could be bad because Himuro FM likes to teleport around you. And first fight with him is haaard. I don't remember how I exactly defeated him but i remember running from one corner to another trying to find him.


I don't know what to say about special functions but they don't work on last boss, Kirie. I guess they make sense if you're having hard time with regular ghosties and mini-bosses.

Edited by detertake, 27 December 2014 - 03:24 PM.

#11 Guest_Haise_*

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Posted 27 December 2014 - 03:10 PM

So basically hope for herbs to respawn, get better at fighting or bust. 

Since FF1 on PC (But! I have the ps2 game) does not work well, I started FF2 on Wii to develop my fighting skills, maybe that will help.

Thanks for the long explaining on the ghosts, Detertake. It really helps :)

Yeah someone mentioned that Kirie can 1HitKO you, so not having bonus functions against her makes sense. 

So looks like my strat is gonna be using the freezing/paralyze lense to stop ghosts and kill them while they are as slow as a snail Miku.

#12 OFFLINE   Hex


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Posted 27 December 2014 - 03:18 PM

Wii Edition has infamously bad controls, you'd be better off playing 3 or 1 on a PS2.

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