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Lost Butterfly (REMASTERED)

Fatal Frame II Fanfiction Mio Amakura Mayu Amakura

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Posted 13 August 2014 - 06:00 AM

Well the long awaited fic that people have been asking me for but was delayed then decided not to post it due to personal life problems over a year ago when it was completed is finally here (partly) but it is currently going under a remastering process so chapters will be posted as I go. Things have been altered due to the passing of time and made things a little shorter because I found them to be dragging on and on and not making things snappy. Keep in mind this fic is based on the ending where Mio leaves Mayu then wakes up alone in the forest calling out her name and this is loosely based on FF4 so there is a time difference that makes it a issue so just go ahead and pretend nether FF4's dates and FF3 ever existed or were mentioned for the sake of making this fic a little easier to bare. I used some info of Shinku no Chou's Data Book for references so I hope you enjoy (thanks Chelsea).
Lost Butterfly
Chapter 00
"... Mio? Wake up! Mio! Hes coming!" Mio wakes up after her friend Amano attempts to wake her up during class. "Amakura-san." "Y-yes?!" Mio bolts out of her seat "I hope you were paying attention." "Oh I was, I just-" Shibata Sensei sighs. "I'll let this slide but make sure you sleep early." "Yes sir..." Mio sits down and looks at her friend Amano. "Sorry Mio" "Its ok." The soud of the bell can be heard from all around the school. Shibata Sensei dismisses his class for the day which it turned out to be a early release and Mio is off to the gym. "Oh wait... I have to go get Mayu." "Mio wait!" Speak of the Devil she was already following her like a fly. "Oh Mayu lets go. You dont want to make Kukichi sensei upset for being late." Mio was part of a Ballet after school program her high school offered. It was said to be the best in the country. It is usually in a class room but due to recent remodeling they have to have it on days at the gym when the basket ball teams dont practice. Mio is the main lead and Mayu just watches from a distance when ever they practice. After two hours of practice it was time to go home.
"Hey Mio" Amano rushes to Mio as soon as practice ended. "Yes Amano?" "THe girls and I are done with our after school clubs and activities and thought about going for ice cream. You wanna go?" "Oh sure." Mio looks behind her to find Mayu waiting for her sitting at the benches. "Umm..." "Whats wrong Mio?" "I just... give me a sec." Mio rushes to Mayu. "Hey Mayu." "Oh Mio you were great as always." Mayu looked happy to see her. "Hey listen the girls invited me for ice cream so you want to go get some ice cream?" "Oh... with them?" "It'll be fine dont worry." "But... my leg." "If you dont want to go its ok. We'll just go home." "N-no, its fine. Lets go." "You sure?" "Yeah lets go." Since the two twins started school Mayu has always been clinging on to Mio. She would never leave her side and over the years she became introverted and blocking everyone who tries to open up to her and never respond to anyone when shes alone without Mio. Mio feels like its all her fault that Mayu had fell and broke her leg at a young age and that its her responsibility to take care of her no matter what. Mayu never made any friends and is sometimes forgotten when Mio is with her circle of friends like if no one cared about her because she is so introverted.
It was a sunny afternoon. Mio and crew have went to the nearest ice cream shop. Mio and Mayu sit together on a bench. Amano and the other two girls that joined them sat on the bench next to them. "Hey Amano, do you think Shibata sensei was mad?" "Umm... I dont think so. Hes usually a down to earth person. He seems to be stressed out lately." "I heard hes working on a game with Kukichi sensei." Yui, one of the girls that joined contributed into the conversation. "Oh really? What kind of game?" Amano asked "I heard its a horror game." Maki, another girl in the group decided to join in the conversation. "S-serious?" Amano asked with a nervous expression. "Oh yeah I hear its based on real events." Maki answered. "Like what?" Mio questioned. "Well... I bumped int him as he was leaving and his notebook fell from his bag but didn't noticed and took off without saying a word. The notebook was a little odd though." "What was weird about the notebook?" Yui questioned. "I'm getting to that jeez. It was written in red ink." "Thats it?" Amano laughed. "Like I was saying, there was something sitting out of it. A newspaper article about people going missing or killing themselves by hanging after chopping down a tree. There was another piece of paper from a paranormal site saying the reason why they cut the tree down was because they kept hearing things like if someone was crying." "Serious?" Mio shivered as she hears the story. "The story behind it is that there was once a beautiful women who had a lover. They would always meet and sit under that tree. Till one day she finds her lover dead under that tree then hung herself. And you know what. The picture the site provided has a picture of the tree before it was cut down. It looked exactly like the tree behind you guys." The girls looked behind them but see no tree in sight then looked back at Maki only to find her eating everyone's ice cream. "What the hell Maki!" Mio laughed as Amano screamed at Maki. 
Mio looked at Mayu. "Hey Mayu are you ok? You have been very silent since we left school." "....." Mayu didn't say anything to Mio. The sky became dark then started to rain. "What? Rain? The weather forecast said it would be sunny all week." Mio opens her phone to double check but her phone wouldn't function then turned off on its own. "Hey, whats with this thing. Hey do yo-" Mio looks to ask the girls if they can check the weather but no one can be seen as if Mio and Mayu are the only ones in existence. "Where did they...?" Mio noticed something red dripping that isn't rain on her ice cream. "Is this.... blood?!" "Mi..o. Why...?" "Mayu?" The rain got heavy. It was raining blood. "Mayu lets go!" Mio tugged on Mayu's arm but Mayu's head fell off hitting the ground. Mio screamed. Mio could feel someone wrapping their arms around her as she continued to scream then she heard a voice she wishes she never thought she would hear again. "Yae..." Mio looked to her side and pushed Sae away from her then ran away as Sae in Mayu's cloths start laughing. She looked behind her in hopes to have already lose her and she was no where on sight. Mio turned to find Sae a few inches away from her throwing herself onto Mio's body. "wE wILl alWAyS be tO GethER". Mio let out a loud scream to find herself continuously screaming in her bedroom as Kei tries to calm her down. No matter what he did Mio would not stop screaming and call out Mayu's name as loud as her vocal chords would allow then slapped her to shut her up. "Mio.." "Uncle Kei?" "Mio, please listen." Mio nods her head in agreement.

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