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Why Fatal Frame Wii-U Has a Better Chance of Localization

Localization Fatal Frame V Opinion

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Posted 04 May 2014 - 06:20 AM

I've been cranking up my brain for the past week or so of reasons why the next installment has a better chance of localization. This isn't fresh in my brain since I've been busy with other things preventing me from making this topic (should have made notes...) so I'll try to type this up in detail and with many sources as I possibly can. For this topic I'll nickname/dub the upcoming title as "Fatal Frame Wii-U" so bare with it if you have another name in mind like Fatal Frame V or something else. Also MidWinter said I should post this here just to let other mods and admins know that she gave me the ok to post this here.

Fatal Frame 4
Lets start with the game that never made it's way out of Japan. Fatal Frame 4 has its reasons. Many which I can never seem to find a source with the real reason, you can skip this but if you really want to you can refresh your memory. If I missed something please net me know.

Side A
Nintendo rushed Tecmo to develop the game that caused it to be very buggy with glitches that cannot be fixed alone. 

Side B
Nintendo wanted to localize the game to other territories but Tecmo asked for some funds to fix the glitches but they were denied the funds to do so. The people who worked on it already started other projects.

Side C
According to what Emi said in a FaceBook group page We Want Fatal Frame, she said Nintendo of Europe were already working on localization until Nintendo of Japan requested that they shouldn't. To support what she said could be true there was an European gaming magazine that was covering the game making it seem like it was going to be localized at that time so this has a better background.

Wii Edition
As we all know, Europe got their hands of the rerelease of Fatal Frame 2 on the Wii. I am not sure about anything of the Wii's performance in Europe like sales of systems and games so if someone would like to share some data I would appreciate it. In North America the Wii system is at its end with the Wii-U coming up at the time. Nintendo didn't wanted to focus on the Wii anymore so they moved on to their next gen console. Lets say NOA decided to bring over the game, it wouldn't have done much but confuse people who are not informed with the series like "Huh? A 2? I didn't know there was a 1.". It can bring pleasure to those who are informed to the series but outside of that bubble it would just bring confusion. Bringing over a decade old game on a dying system could go ether way to positive or negative as I just stated. So its really up to you how you interpret it I guess.

Spirit Camera would have helped a lot
When the game was announced people were in fear of it not coming over but to everyone's surprise it did. Nintendo of America was the first to announce it then Europe a little later and was released alongside Wii Edition. NOA has gone out of their way for just this game like they filmed a mini-movie promoting the game and an event showing off the game in a haunted hotel in San Diego where anyone over the age of 18 (or was it 21 because of the alcoholic drinks in the event?) can enter a small room to play the game for a while then get spooked by some random person. After that they're all gathered to a room to try out other things the game has to offer while being accompanied by drinks (watch NintendoFanGirl's video here).
Spirit Camera would have helped but it seems sales were it weren't so good because of the price tag Nintendo has given it ($40). Now you can find it for cheap at Amazon for as low as $10 new. But why would NOA just announce this game and not the others? Its because its a "new" game and a way to show off the 3DS technology.

Iwata as NOA's CEO and His Goal for the West
Iwata has became NOA's new CEO, what can we benefit from this? Iwata has stated before becoming CEO that he wants to bring over more Japanese developed 3DS games to the West. I'm starting to see this coming to effect with the announcement of the bizarre Tomodachi Life (Tomodachi Collection: New Life in Japan). Out of all things to localize this one was announced for localization. Iwata has information from Japan like game titles and sales data. Since the Wii-U is in trouble Iwata can bring over games that are selling big in Japan and see if they can help the Wii-U get better support overseas. There was a video Fay-Sa posted of a recording requesting Wii Edition to be released in North America, the person on the other line is a fan of the series and was not aware of the game like if she was out of the loop. With Iwata he can put in information of Japanese games into NOA's database if he wants to make things easier. Iwata has said he'll let NOA know about games currently in development in Japan so they may take advantage of this.

The Games Are Not Numbered (and Fatal Frame Wii-U Theory)
This may confuse people so let me go into detail. In Japan the games were not numbered, they had their own identity with a subtitle in the title like "Crimson Butterfly", "The Tormented", and "Mask of the Lunar Eclipse". However in the games themselves tell a different story. In the first game it was focused on 1 person which was Miku finding her brother Mafuyu. In 2 it had a "pair" theme which was the ritual of one twin killing the other. You play as Mio and in some scenes you play as Mayu for like 10 seconds then it comes back to Mio while the game keeps the "pair" and "twin" theme from start to finish. In 3 it focuses the points of views of the three characters (Rei, Miku, and Kei). In 4 you play as 4 characters (Madoka, Ruka, Misaki and Choshiro in that order). With that said it is a possibility that Fatal Frame Wii-U can have up to 5 playable characters if they choose. I know you cant play Fatal Frame 3 without spoiling the first 2 games if you never played them so this kinda punches a hole to the theory.

Now to be back on topic, since the games are not numbered in Japan they dont have to slip in the 5 and just treat it as if it were a new series to avoid confusion to uninformed people as I said earlier because it's been almost a decade since Fatal Frame 3 was released in North America so why not go down this route and see where it'll go. They could just title it "Fatal Frame: *add subtitle here*" then be done with it and be hush hush that its the fifth game in the series giving it more mystery that it already has in store for both new and vet players.

The Game Can Show Off The Technology as Spirit Camera Did
I think we can all agree the Wii-U Pad is most likely gonna be used as the Camera Obscura similar to how the 3DS was used to show off the handheld's technology. The Wii-U pad has the same gyroscope technology so what could be the harm doing it again for a system thats in trouble of being the next Virtual Boy and make it worth the x sum of money they are asking for it.

Reggie and NOA Were Never the Enemy and They Actually Listen
Hard to believe reading this right? Yes, I admit I hated Reggie and NOA with a passion. I dont care anymore. I read Reggie's reasons for localizing games. He said its a hard process and asks himself if it'll sell and how many copies should be made before they ship them out into retail stores. Most people tend to put the blame on Nintendo as a whole than blame the company thats in charge of releasing games in their region alone. Fay posted a video of Reggie talking with a group of people and asked what they thought they should consider bringing over in the future. One person suggested making the systems region free and another asking for Fatal Frame games and Reggie looked liked he was interested with his little nod during the video so this might bring some light to the possibility.

PSN Downloads Can Help
In North America the original trilogy has been on PSN as PS2 Classics titles for almost a year now and may land in Europe if the demand is high enough. I've done my part and have already bought all 3 games for my PS3. Nintendo may ask Sony if the games did good on PSN so if its good enough they may do something about the upcoming game if they choose. If you're in North America and have a PS3 (connected to the internet) then I would recommend that you get them because of this possibility. If you dont have a credit card then get PSN cards at GameStop or somewhere else, they are all like $10 each per game (no tax included).

American Fatal Frame Movie Project Picked Up
As some may know a movie was planned to be filmed and released by DreamWorks around the time of the first game's release and will be based on the first game. Since then we have not heard anything about it so everyone just assumed it got canceled, the project was recently picked up along with the announcement of a Japanese version. This can be used as advertisement for the series and such a perfect timing it is. We can only hope it actually gets finished and released this time around.

I am running out of thoughts on the subject so I'll leave this as it is now and maybe add things once in a while so feel free to leave your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions down below. 

Sources and links
-Detailed video of the Spirit Camera Event
-Fay's video (video not found on her YouTube channel anymore)
-Iwata as NOA's CEO and Goal
-We Want Fatal Frame FaceBook page
-Reggie receiving Fatal Frame request (video not found)
-BCL's Official FaceBook page
-Fatal Frame Movie Announcements

----------Version 1.0 Finalized

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#2 OFFLINE   Lafaera


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Posted 04 May 2014 - 06:35 AM

To be honest, I think that the fact that there aren't a substantial amount of Wii U games available right now is a good sign for us. There's a good demand for games and not many available, so imo it would be a smart move for them to localize the Wii U Fatal Frame while the market is like that.

#3 OFFLINE   ナガクラ


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Posted 19 May 2014 - 02:19 AM

I like your view on Nintendo's current situation. So I agree.

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